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Spy series of the 60's!

Updated on May 28, 2016


In 1965, a groundbreaking series came to the forefront. It was groundbreaking because it starred a African American actor Bill Crosby alongside Bob Culp, who was white. Lasting 3 years, it featured two American agents working for the United States. Fighting cold war villains, they doubled as tennis players.

This series helped boost Bill Crosby's career. Switching from the dramatic to comedy, Bill Crosby filmed some great comedy movies and, eventually, had his own show. Robert Culp was already a seasoned actor and went on to star in the movie-Bob & Carol & Ted &Alice. He, also, starred with Bill Crosby in the TV reunion movie of I SPY RETURNS in 1994! Sadly, he passed away in 2010.

Secret Agent Man-Catchy song!

Another spy series was Secret Agent man with Patrick McGoohan. This series started in 1964 to 1966! McGoohan starred in the lead part as John Drake. Drake would work for her Majesty secret service. Using state of the art technology, McGoohan demanded that his character be different from James Bond. His character, rarely, got involved with women. His killing was limited as Drake hardly used a gun.

Patrick McGoohan went on to star in other films and TV presentations. I, especially, liked him in the part as the heartless warden in the movie Alcatraz featuring Clint Eastwood. Sadly, this great actor passed away in 2009! McGoohan had a face that was hard to forget and he will be remembered as a great actor for years to come!

The Avengers TV series.

The Avengers!

No, its not the Marvel Comics superheroes movie that is set to come out this summer! The Avengers was a popular spy series in the 60's featuring Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee. This series started in England and came to the States in 1965. It caught on with the public and was a hit. It lasted until 1969.

The Avengers started off as a spy series, then went into a mixture of fantasy and science fiction. I remember seeing it as a kid and liked the drama and suspense! It was a series that had you on the edge of your seat. Recently, they tried to bring the Avengers to the big screen but, unfortunately, it was a flop. The Avengers was a tough act to follow and the team of Riggs and Macnee is unique! I don't think nobody can top it ! Good series to watch if you can get it on DVD!

Man From Uncle series.

The Man from Uncle!

This was my favorite spy series. I remember looking forward to seeing this on Friday nights. It featured Robert Vaughn, Leo G Carroll and David McCallum. This series was worth watching. At first, the producers wanted to leave an air of mystery on the word UNCLE, perhaps making them wonder if Napoleaon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and lllya Kuryakin (David McCallum) worked for the UN or Uncle Sam.

Later on, it was decide that the name UNCLE means United Network Command for Law Enforcement! This series was great because not, only, did it have adventure and suspense-It was radical for its time! Why? The 60's was a time of the COLD WAR and this series showed an American special agent along with a Russian agent, working together for the good of this world.

Leo G Carroll was outstanding as Alexander Waverly, who was British and in charge of the organization. Fighting against an enemy organization called THRUST, they encountered many close calls and relied on state of the art gadgets. If you ever want to see a good spy series, this is the one!

Who remembers Mission Impossible?

Even though this is a great series to watch, I never took much time to see it, except when it came to the movies. Action packed and full of suspense, this popular series was my wife's favorite. Who can remember the intro with its catchy music? These guys were tough getting out of impossible situations.

The theme was, always, based on a envelope, instructions and a tape recorder. Who can ever forget the words-This mission should you chose to accept it? Then, we would see how they would disavow any knowledge should they be captured and the tape recorder would self destruct-Classic!

Last but not least!

My other favorite-GET SMART! This was a parody of the spy series and it featured Don Adams (Agent 86) and Barbara Feldon (Agent 99)! Agent 86 was named Maxwell Smart and he used a few state of the gadgets. My favorite gadget was his shoe that he would take off to talk to the Chief. I have downloaded the introduction and ending at the same time! (It wouldn't be complete without it!) Created by Mel Brooks, this is one series that will get you laughing!

Spy series were great in the 60's! Perhaps many reading this can remember more spy series. Maybe we should tell some cable channels to put them back on so that this generation can appreciate the suspense and exciting plots that made them great! These series hold precious memories and thanks to youtube, we can appreciate it for years to come!


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