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Supernatural Review: "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"

Updated on May 2, 2012


It's been awhile, but let's face it Supernatural. You have been one of the biggest disappointments this year in television. You had a promising start to the season then had a good long spree of filler episodes that no one wanted. Sera Gamble, the show runner, said she wanted to go back to the style of season one. Kudos, you succeeded in being the worst season of the show's history. No wonder you stepped down as the show runner to seek other opportunities . Good luck in your endeavors. Although, this episode was a step in the right direction as we finally get a steady stream of story based episodes to finish the season. Oh, not to mention we finally get some more time with the awful big bad of the season, Leviathans. The Leviathans had a lot of potential but were executed horribly. Their end game, while still unclear, just doesn't live up to previous big bads like, oh, Lucifer. The episode benefited from special guest star Felicia Day as her spunk added a nice element along Sam and Dean. Her character was funny, obviously, but she also made the viewer almost instantly care about her well being as she didn't realize she was working for horrible CGI monsters.

The episode kicks off immediately as Bobby appears in front of the boys and tells them what the numbers that he tried so hard to get to the boys meant. He explained that the Leviathans were essentially creating a slaughterhouse, and the scene is embedded above. The gravity of the situation changes when Sam gets an email from Frank explaining that he is either dead or worse. He continues to explain that someone is hacking into his hard drive zeroing in on their location, which of course sends Sam and Dean to find the hacker before the Leviathans find them. They are surprised to see that the hacker is a nerdy girl named Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) who was a bit to noisy. As she went through Frank's files, she found a file dedicated to the Leviathans that implicated Dick Roman who just so happens to be her boss. As she first meets Sam and Dean, she had just seen one of her co-workers eaten by a Leviathan promptly freaking her out to the point that she assumed everyone was a Leviathan. Sam and Dean prove themselves by pouring borax on their hands.

The Winchesters and Charlie come up with a plan to infiltrate Roman Industries to get Frank's laptop back, the kicker of it being Charlie has to be the only one going in. She clearly has reservations about it, but reluctantly goes ahead with it. Dean and Sam sit in a truck giving her instructions as to how to safely extract the laptop, but the boys are surprised when they noticed Bobby's flask in Charlie's bag. Which of course means that Bobby is now in danger of giving into his anger possibly forcing him to become the very thing that Sam and Dean hunt. Charlie comes face to face with Dick leading to Bobby struggling to control himself. Charlie was able to delete everything from the laptop keeping Dick off of their trail. The boys also find out that Dick was attempting to pick up an artifact from the airport, that they of course ninja their way into and steal.

Closing Comments

While we didn't get all the answers we wanted on the Leviathans, we did see the story advance a bit. It'll be interesting to see what exactly the artifact is that the boys picked up and even more so how Bobby will be considering his run in with Dick. Felicia Day's appearance was a treat and her opening sequence (and episode title) was a blatant reference to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" had a nice Supernatural kind of funny twist to it. As I stated before, this episode is also the start of what could be bigger and better things for this season as every episode will be story centric. The next few episodes will also include fan favorites Castiel, Lucifer, and even Crowley. The season could be going down a better path, and this episode was a start in the right direction. I don't have high hopes considering how bland this year has been.


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    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      As far as the leviathans, I will say this. They are supposed to be all kinds of powerful and yet Dick killed Bobby with a GUN! *sigh*

      I've done a lot of Supernatural hubs, one even going as far in saying this entire season has been a waste. Sera Gamble was a good writer under Kripke's watch but as a show runner I think shes out of her element completely.

    • Lamar Johns profile image

      Lamar Johns 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great review. The episode was a nice little addition to this whole Leviathan storyline even though it was more so funny instead of serious. I believe we are winding down to the final episodes so it would've been nice for the show to had taken a serious tone being this late in the season, but overall the episode worked.

      Glad I'm not the only one that thinks the big bad of this season are a joke. The problem I find when watching Supernatural nowadays is that these Leviathan have done nothing truly credible to prove they're a legit threat to Sam and Dean or to anyone really. The season is almost over and all they been doing is planning, eating people, and eating each other when one of their plans falls through.

      I watched all the seasons and loved them. This by far is the worst. There's a upside with my favorite characters (Lucifer and Meg) showing up every now and again, but nothing really to convince me to invest more time watching this anymore. But I do hope things pick up though.

    • Nickalooch profile image

      Nickalooch 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      You would be right. Seasons 1-5 are some of the best seasons of television I have seen. The show was initially planned out as a five year story by the original creator, Eric Kripke. The episode you saw was "Monster at the End of this Book." Honestly one of the better episodes of season 4 as it reveals a lot to. I highly recommend the show to anyone, but season 1 is a bit slow as it simply introduces all of the monsters.

    • MarkRFox profile image

      MarkRFox 5 years ago

      See...I only saw one episode, so I was thinking that this was a potentially awesome show. I saw the one where they discover that they are being written about and find the author who is apparently a profit. Then they are told that the books will one day be known as the Winchester Gospels. After seeing it, I thought, wow, I am going to have to check out this series when I get back to the states, but after reading what you had to say it sounds like episodes like the one I described are few and far between. What season, or episode did I see anyway? Just curious??

    • Nightmarephantom profile image

      Nightmarephantom 5 years ago from Columbia, MD

      I agree about Sera Gamble's lack of talent, glad she isn't in charge anymore!