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The Tuba and the Tuba Player: Rasma Raisters aka Gypsy Rose Lee

Updated on June 10, 2013
Meet Philharmonic Principal Tuba Alan Baer and His Three Tour Tubas
Meet Philharmonic Principal Tuba Alan Baer and His Three Tour Tubas | Source

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1. The Tuba;

2. The Tuba-player;

3. Rasma Raisters aka Gypsy Rose Lee;

4. Rasma's favourite music for romantic love, sensual love, raw sadness, anger, nostalgia plus one specific memory.

Listen to the vigorous sound of the Tuba

Listen to a Tuba Trio

Listen to the Sousaphones (Marching Tubas)

The Range of the Tuba


The Tuba

Having the largest and lowest-pitched of all brass instruments, the tuba provides the essential bass needed by orchestras. It is made of brass and sometimes electroplated with silver, gold or nickel. Sound is produced by vibrating (buzzing) the lips into a relatively large mouthpiece and by closing and opening the 3-6 piston or rotary valves.

The various pitches of tubas (Bb, Eb, F, C) depend on the length of the main tube, which could be from 12-18 feet long. Tubas come in a variety of sizes, wavering in popularity from country to country.

Today, in marching bands, the close relative of the heavy tuba – the sousaphone, designed by John Philip Sousa (The American March King) – is the most popular as it is design to wrap around the musician’s body, resting on their shoulders - therefore easier to carry. Although the bombardon is an ancestor of the modern tuba many people still use this name to describe the modern tuba, or rather its sound and rhythm.... bom-bar-don-bom.... playing the traditional bass role.

The tubas often save the orchestra when one or more of the instruments stumble and pull the entire orchestra down. Listening to the beat sustained by the tubas, and, of cause, focusing (again) on the conductor, bring all members back on track in a matter of seconds. Go figure what happens when the tubas go wrong! Therefore, tuba players have to be ‘perfect’. Always!

In a symphony orchestra tubas are frequently without music, as their deep bass sound is too harsh for the sensitive strings. The audience will see them leaving the stage to return again when they have to supply the bassline of another item on the program. In their place the more appeasing contrabass provides the essential bass.


Sheetmusic for the Tuba

Members of Austrian jazz band Riverside Stompers
Members of Austrian jazz band Riverside Stompers | Source

The Tuba Player

Music for the tuba is not difficult to read, although solos could be quite a challenge. A good sense of rhythm is, however, an essential requirement. The tubaist (or tubist) is what one would call ‘the leader behind the curtains’. While they seldom if ever get the recognition they deserve, they keep the orchestra on the track provided by the composer of the music.

Because of its weight (25 to 30 pounds), tubas are considered by music nerds to be an instrument only to be played by strong men. Therefore strong females with a healthy self-esteem often see the tuba as the ideal opportunity to prove the equality of themselves and their sisters, and by doing so they obtain and enjoy the respect and admiration of all members of the orchestra.

The powerful tuba accommodates various personalities and allows large and small egos to find the balance respected by society. Responsible and good-natured musicians feel at home playing the tuba while practising their sense of humour at the same time.

The urban dictionary defines tuba players as the most amazing musicians in the band, always fun to be with, persevering and the most important individuals in a marching band.

Listen to Oom Pah Pah and imagine the (disastrous) absence of a tuba in an oompah band... (Tuba arrives at .50 minutes)

The tuba is also popular in Jazz bands. Please notice the unique love affair this musician has with his tuba. Typical tubaist!


Rasma Raisters aka Gypsy Rose Lee

Looking for the musician in Rasma aka Gypsy-Rose-Lee I could clearly see a tuba player. Sticking to the beat, persistent like a leader behind the curtains, she publishes one after the other thought-provoking poem. As a dedicated Christian, a lover of nature, the world and animals, especially of cats, and most of all as a lover of 'happy things', Rasma inspires us to follow the tracks 'composed' by HubPages.

In one of her recent poems - Playing-My-Guitar - Rasma exposes her beautiful personality and deep perception of the human soul.

As part of her audition for musicianship in the Hubville Symphonic Wind Orchestra I have asked Rasma to submit a few songs she associates with specific emotions.

And here she is, presenting her choices ~

Romantic Love

Romantic Love

I believe there is nothing so romantic as saying sweet goodbyes to one love who may or may not have died and to go on to another love. The way Mary Hopkin sings 'Goodbye' is romantic and sad at the same time.

Sensual love

Sensual love:


real love

just makes it all

so very passionate

and I believe

this song

expresses that so well.

Raw Sadness:

Raw Sadness:

There is nothing


than final good-byes

and knowing

you will probably

never meet again.



This song can be interpreted in many ways even pain and sadness but I think it can also apply to the anger of a breakup.

Nostalgia (Longing):

Nostalgia (Longing):

This has long been a song which expresses the longing I have about having travelled so far and wanting to get back home to NYC as the song says - New York's home but it ain't mine no more...

One specific memory:

One specific memory:

This one goes back to my high school days and my very first love. It was our song. Now that is a very special memory.

Thank you Gypsy Rose Lee aka Rasma Raisters!

The fact that you are able to connect your emotions to specific songs is a quality in your favour and will certainly ensure your success as a musician in Hubville Symphonic Wind Orchestra.

To make your audition for Tuba player an unforgettable experience I would like you to play this amazing romantic piece - Tuba Concerto II. Romanza - written especially for the tuba by the British composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

The tubaist in this video is Aaron Tindall, a giant in the world of music.

Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto II

© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser

© Martie Coetser

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This hub is dedicated to my dearest son, Steven, a professional tuba player since 1994...

 © Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser

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