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Tonto Dikeh, Jim Iyke and Muna Obiekwe: The phobia

Updated on January 2, 2017

Tonto Dikeh



When I first saw the cover and trailer of this movie I thought it was going to be a flop but I was bored so I thought why not, turns out the expression don't judge a book by its cover or in this case judge a movie is very true, I ended up watching it more than once. The movie is about two couples but the main focus is on Jake(Muna Obiekwe) and Tammy (Tonto Dikeh). Jake is the husband from hell, he is emotionally and physically abusive towards his wife and everything she does annoys him he cant even bear to look at her let alone touch her in a romantic way. Even though she is thoroughly unhappy in her marriage and her husband tells her that she can leave anytime she likes whenever she tries to complain about her unhappiness she stays with him. She is determined to make it work because she loves him or maybe culture had something to do with it. This movie really brought out that abuse is not only physical but also mental and emotional and it makes you constantly think of how much can be considered to be enough.

The phobia


A twisted kind of love

Deep down I think the husband Jake loved Tammy, but he was afraid to fully trust her because of his past experiences with His mother and because of her past too which she didn't lie about but he had assumed about. This was shown by the way he had an asthma attack every time she looked like she had truly had enough and was about to walk away. Jake had a deep seated hatred for women and was always suspecting and thought all of them were prostitutes. Anyway in the end Jake finds out the he really loves Tammy after all and he changes his ways but not after many twists and turns and ups and downs.

The cast

The cast of this movie was excellently chosen I think. I really liked the performance by Tonto Dikeh and Jim Iyke. Now Tonto is a wild one and her performances are usually quite hyper but she really transitioned to be the housewife really well and I was very happy with this. I think Betty Njoku playing Sarah also did a fabulous job and oh not forgetting Muna of course who was the main character whose character I absolutely hated because he was so mean.

Jim Iyke


Final word

I think overall I enjoyed the movie, the sound quality was good and the editors did a good job and the actors were great. As usual the people responsible for the trailer rubbished it, it is just terrible honestly one cant even get what the story is about it just looks like a collection of snippets from the movie that were just thrown in. I also think they could have made the movie shorter it has four quite long parts! Anyway overall I will give it three stars. Hope you enjoy the movie.


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