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Top Ten Best Big Bang Theory Episodes

Updated on February 21, 2014

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular comedy shows on TV today and fans are growing by the number. The cast consists of 4 main characters, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj. These guys are the science nerds that you grew up with at school and all the bully's use to pick on them everyday. Not sure what happened to all the bullies, but 3 of these 4 nerds grew up to be Scientists with a PHD.

The show is centered around their everyday lives with focus on their social lives. They all have their own unique style and quirks that keeps everyone coming back for more of this brilliant comedy. Here are the Top 10 episodes that you must see!

The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization

Sheldon and Leonard are invited to do a presentation at a physics conference for the paper they co-authored. Sheldon is not at all interested in attending, but Leonard wants to go regardless of Sheldon's wishes.. This leads to a rift between them. Penny the tries to smooth things over and makes the situation worse. This one is pretty funny. The best scenes emerge when Leonard's speech is greeted with heckling by one Sheldon Cooper in disguise. We'll just say things get real interesting at that point.


The Lizard Spock Expansion

Sheldon enhances the classic rock paper scissors game by adding a lizard and Mr. Spock from Star Trek option to see who gets to watch TV. . Meanwhile Howard attracts a new prospect, Stephanie by offering her the opportunity to drive the Mars Rover. During their adventure the Rover gets stuck and Howard is forced to eliminate all evidence. Leonard has been dating Stephanie and decides to confront Howard to let him know what's been going on.


The 21 Second Excitation

All of the guys camp out in line to see one of their favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark. The wait is long and Sheldon's creative strategy is hysterical, along with his competition with Will Wheaton. Meantime Amy wants to do traditional slumber party activities as the girls introduce Amy to the reality of slumber parties.


The Tangerine Factor

Sheldon desires to learn Mandarin from Howard, so he can confront the people working at the local Chinese restaurant about their supposed tangerine chicken which he believes is really orange chicken. Also, Penny is single again and it gives Leonard the courage to ask her out on a date. Once she says yes, they both go to Sheldon for advice. .


Great scenes from Tangerine Factor

The Agreement Dissection

When Leonard is found in violation of the roommate agreement his girlfriend Priya stands up for him and nullifies the charges using her lawyer skills. The girls take Sheldon out to a bar and eventually a night club to see Sheldon's legendary dancing. Later that night Amy kisses Sheldon and promptly vomits although not because of anything Sheldon does.


The Stair Case Implementation

After telling Penny about a fight he and Sheldon have over the thermostat, Leonard describes the first time he met Sheldon. Through this we learn the truth of what happened to the elevator in their apartment building.


The Ahesive Duck Deficiency

Penny has to depend on Sheldon for help after she has an accident in the tub. Leonard, Howard and Raj have an interesting night outdoors waiting for the meteor shower.


The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

The guys are crazy over a new card game about the west. Stuart takes Amy on a date. Sheldon realizes he has competition and thinks about making things more serious with Amy.


The Irish Pub Formulation

Sheldon create's a story to cover up the fact that Leonard spent the night with Raj's sister. The guilt eventually causes Leonard to cave and confess to Raj. This makes for very interesting conversation. There is a great group scene when it is revealed that Leonard and Priya hooked up. One of the funniest exchanges I've seen on the show.


The Justice League Recombination

After making fun of Penny's slow boyfriend they realize how good of a Superman he would make for the costume contest at the comic store. Howard goes as Batman, Sheldon as Flash, Raj as Aquaman to name a few.



These 10 episodes are some of the best of this series. Once you start watching The Big Bang Theory you become a long time fan. The cast is growing and so are the guy's social lives. Sheldon always has a bazinga, Howard goes to space, Leonard is always dating someone and Will Raj ever be able to speak to a woman while he is sober? Watch this hysterical comedy and choose your own top 10 favorite episode

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