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Top Ten Best Simpson Episodes

Updated on July 22, 2013
Simpson Family
Simpson Family | Source

The Simpsons has been a staple of our lives, and of our TV screens for almost three decades, including more than 500 episodes and having its own self titled feature film released in 2007. It has captured millions of fans and audiences from around the world. It has produced many great episodes over its time, but some simply stand high above the remainder of the pack. Here are my top ten episodes.

Lisa on Ice

Don't let the title fool you - Lisa is not on drugs. When she is failing second grade gym, she strikes a deal with her Physical Education teacher to allow her to pass gym if she joins a sports club outside of school. She fails every attempt she makes, until while at Bart's Ice Hockey game, she finds she is a natural Goalie, and joins a different team to Bart. It soon turns out that Lisa is a far better player than Bart, and a fierce sibling rivalry breaks out between the two. Soon, Lisa's team is scheduled to play Bart's team, and after a foul, Bart has a shot, with scores 4-4 and 3 seconds to go.


Treehouse of Horror

In "The Shinning", The Simpsons house-sit Mr. Burns winter house. To ensure they actully do some work, Mr. Burns cuts off the cable TV and removes all the Beer, causing Homer to go slightly crazy. In "Time and Punishment", after trying to fix the toaster, Homer somehow manages to create a time machine, that takes him back to per-historic times. However, he kills one mosquito, and changes the future for the worse. And Finally in "Nightmare Cafeteria", Principal Skinner is facing an overcrowding in detention, and decides to fix the problem by cooking and eating the students.


Bart Sells His Soul

When Bart is punished for a prank at church, Milhouse tells him about souls. Bart believes that there is no such thing as a soul, and when Milhouse offers to buy his soul for five dollars, he eagerly takes the deal. But he soon realizes that strange things happen - Automatic Doors won't open for him, he no longer laughs at Itchy and Scratchy ("Laughter is the language of the soul"), and he begins to think he has really lost his soul. After Lisa's taunts, Bart runs off into the night to find his soul, which turns up from the person he would least expect.


Flaming Moe's

While at Moe's, Homer creates a hugely addictive and great tasting drink, which Moe steals. When Moe refuses to acknowledge that Homer creates it, Homer becomes enraged and goes on a mission of revenge, just as Moe is being offered a million dollars for secret ingredients of the drink.


You Only Move Twice

Homer is offered a high paying supervisor job at a nuclear facility in a different town. His family hate their new town and want to return to Springfield, while Homer is loving his new job and bigger salary, and is good friends with his boss, who Homer is oblivious to being a major terrorist. Homer must decide whether he wants his new life, or if he wants his family to be happy.


Who Shot Mr. Burns - Both Parts

Springfield Elementary is revealed to be over a huge oil well, making them extremely wealthy. However, Mr. Burns is outraged that a non-profit organization has oil, and he slant drills into it. Controlling all the utilities in Springfield, he comes up with a plan to block out the sun, so that lights using his electricity will have to run around the clock. The people of Springfield soon become enraged, with almost the whole town plotting to kill him. After a hostile meeting with the townspeople, he is shot by an unknown person. After a long search, Simpson DNA is found on Mr. Burns, and he awakens from his coma and seems to identify Homer Simpson as the shooter - But is he?


The Way We Was

When the Simpsons' television breaks down, Marge tells her children how she and Homer first met. In high school, Homer and Marge are sent to detention. He instantly falls in love, and tries everything to impress her. However, after making her stay up late pretending to be needing help learning french, She says she never wants to see him again, after saying she will go to the prom with him. However she soon is asked by Artie Ziff, and she agrees to go with him instead of Homer.


Marge vs. The Monorail

When Mr. Burns is fined Millions for dumping nuclear waste, the town proposes what to spend their money on. A man named Lyle Lanley convinces then to build a monorail in Springfield. Homer is chosen as its conductor, but Marge is suspicious, and goes to another town that Lyle sold a monorail to, and finds it has been destroyed, and their Monorails are all poorly built. When the breaks on the Monorail fail on its first trip, Homer has to find a way to save everybody.


Mr. Plow

Homer buys snowplow and opens a snowplow business, eventually gaining the keys to the city. However, Barney steals his idea, and gets all the business in Springfield. Homer comes up with a plan to steal back all the business by sending Barney to the top of a mountain, but when he becomes trapped in a huge avalanche, Homer goes to save him.


Cape Feare

Here it is - The Best episode of all time. Sideshow Bob, Bart's arch nemesis, is released from prison, and plots to kill Bart Simpson. The Simpsons enter the witness relocation program to try and escape Bob, but it is unsuccessful. He sneaks into their houseboat one night, and attempts to kill Bart.


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