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Top Ten Best Lost Episodes

Updated on August 7, 2013


It all starts with a plane crash, and 48 survivors trapped on a mysterious island.The passengers' journey starts with a quest for water, food and rescue, but the events to come show that there's so much more to that island. The show is like a puzzle, and every episode reveals the final picture a little bit more. Viewers can expect to see:monsters, criminal activities, scientific expeditions, love stories, time travel and so much more. Here are the top ten episodes.

The Pilot, Part 1 (season 1)

The Oceanic 815 crashes on an unknown island. The survivors do what they can to help each other and find shelter and rescue. We are introduced to a mysterious creature that also inhabits the island.


Walkabout (season 1)
The survivers run out of food and a few of them go hunting while a few others try to trace the audible distress signal. Locke is the only one that comes back with food (a dead boar). This episode unveils Locke's physical condition, with flashbacks to him in a wheelchair. In the woods Locke faces the mysterious creature from the pilot.


Man of Science, Man of Faith (season 2)

The episode starts with Desmond, the hatch dweller waking up to press a button on a regular basis.. Meanwhile, Jack and Locke are planning on breaking into the hatch they discovered in the end of season 1. When Jack meets Desmond, he remembers them crossing paths earlier on in life.


The Man Behind the Curtain (season 3)

his Episode tells the story of Ben and how he got to the island. There are flash backs to his birth and the day he moved to the island with his father. It also shows how Ben gassed his parent and all the workers at Dharma Initiative.


Through The Looking Glass (season 3)

Charley loses his life at the Looking Glass station. Before drowning, he writes a message on his hand for Desmond, saying: Not Penny's boat. Flash-forwards show that Jack and Kate make it off the island.

The Constant (season 4)

Desmond experiences flashbacks between 1996 and 2004. He speaks to Penny and asks her to call him on Christmas Eve 2004, as she was his constant. In his dreams, he also finds Faraday at Oxford University, and gets some answers.

The Other 48 Days (season 2)

This episode shows for the first time the survivors from the tail of the plane and their struggles from the crash. The group is lead by Ana Lucia. We learn that the experiences that the tailies had with the others was much worse that Jack's group.

The Incident, Part 1 (season 5)

In the flashback, Jack and Sayid detonate the hydrogen bomb, in order to change the future, but some get hurt in the process. In the flash-forward, Locke tells Ben to kill Jacob.

Ab Aeterno (season 6)

This episode unveils the story of Richard Alpert, his roots and how he arrived on the island. The story goes back to him and Jacob and how Richard got his immortality. More secrets are also revealed about the smoke monster and why it was trapped on the island.

Across the Sea (season 6)

This episode reveals who Jacob and the Man In Black are, their family life and their purpose on the island. We also get to see how the smoke creature came to be.

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