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Top Ten Best King Of Queens Episodes

Updated on February 21, 2014


King of Queens is a very successful comedy sitcom that ran for 207 episodes with a total of 9 seasons. The show is about a deliveryman, Doug, and his wife Carrie, a secretary at a law firm, as well as Carrie's awkward father, Arthur. When Arthur moves in with his daughter and her husband, it throws their marriage off the normal path, so they must try to get through the problems that they face and deal with Arthur. Here are the top ten episodes.

Pole Lox

Doug convinces Carrie to enroll in a pole dancing class. Carrie soon realizes that pole dancing isn't going to be as easy as she thought. Arthur believes it is due to him and tries to make up for lost time by spending a lot of time with Carrie.


Strike Out (3/3)

In the third part of this three part episode, Doug's union is on its 3rd week of strike and both Doug and his co-worker/friend Deacon are spending most of their time sleeping. Carrie and deacon's wife decide to make them go out with Arthur, but the plan goes sideways when they decide to start pulling pranks.


Lost Vegas

Doug tries to win his wife over, so that she will allow him to go to Las Vegas with his friends. To earn "wife credits", he takes her to a spa. Meanwhile, Arthur teaches Spence how to count cards.


Lush Life

Carries decides to start having a couple drinks after work with her co-workers, and when she returns home, Doug and Arthur realize that she is much more pleasant to be around. When Carrie stops going out for drinks after work, Doug and Arthur do their best to keep her drinking, until a neighbor tells her and she becomes more upset than ever.


Inn Escapable

When Doug and Carrie try to escape for a weekend at a bed and breakfast, it turns out to be less than they hoped. They also don't feel right about leaving as they are the only people at the bed and breakfast for the entire weekend.


Bun Dummy

Doug and his friend Spencer's high school reunion is coming up. While Doug is excited about it, Spencer is afraid to go due to a relationship he had. Carrie starts to wear her hair in a unpleasant fashion and Doug starts to worry that she will wear her hair like that to the reunion.


Package Deal

Doug thinks about getting a new job at FedEx after someone told him it is better than his current job. Carrie helps her neighbor, Lou, and starts to use tanning cream and becomes addicted to it.


Eggsit Strategy

Carries hears that the company might be firing people, so she fears that it might be herself that is let go. Also, Doug is in trouble when he loses the koosh ball that Deacon received as a gift from his son.


Tank Heaven

All of Carries friends are scared away by Doug who deliberately does things to prevent her friends from hanging around. Spencer realizes that women love a guy who can take care of an elderly person, so he starts to spend a lot of time with Arthur.


Raygin Bulls

Carrie finds out her mother isn't who she thought she was. Mean while, Doug and his friend ray are having a competition to see who can pick up the most women at a nightclub.


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  • Trish89 profile image

    Trish89 4 years ago

    I love this show and have watched all the episodes you've listed at least ten times each, I can't get enough!!