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Top Twenty Greatest Albums of the 70's- Hotel California-The Eagles

Updated on June 4, 2012

The Top twenty albums

Many people remember the seventies as a rich and golden era for music. It is remembered for some timeless classics and many of these great albums are still best sellers today.

This is my  list of the top twenty albums of that memorable era, and of course in no particular order.

The Eagles moved on from their early country roots, to produce a rock classic. Joe Walsh joined the existing line-up of Don Felder, Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Randy Meisner, the band turned out a more hard -edged sound that brought them to their creative and commercial peak.

The album was recorded in Miami and took six months to record. Released in1976,Hotel California has sold a staggering 16 million copies in the US alone reaching top spot in the US and number 2 in the UK,and still holds up today, especially with the remastered version released in 1999. They won the1977 Grammy award for the Record of the Year

New Kid In Town was the album's first number one single and Glenn Frey's vocals are smooth and easy. as the song perfectly captures the Californian sound that the Eagles made famous. The title track Hotel California made it to top spot with the duo guitar solo's by Walsh and Felder making it all the more unique with it's outstanding lyrics.

The Last Resort matches the title track in every way. Hotel California was the band's peak and one of the best albums of the 1970's.


Most people would plump for Hotel California, but leave this one out and there are some great tracks that stand out on their own.

The ballads are particularly good,Pretty Maids All In a Row with Joe Walsh making his debut on vocals , he makes it his own with an outstanding synthesizer performance

The Last Resort is the best track by the Eagles, with Don Henley at his very best.A great ballad which is very easy to listen to and the lyrics tell of the journey from the east coast to California.

The Last Resort


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