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Top ten comedy actors in the last decade. 2000-2010 (Movies)

Updated on November 26, 2010
Mclovin strutting his stuff in Superbad
Mclovin strutting his stuff in Superbad | Source

As an avid movie fan I tend to watch no less than 6 films per week. One of my favourite genres to watch is comedy. I honestly believe that we're in a golden era of comedy movies with some superb actors still around and some fantastic new ones coming through. This is my count down from 10 to 1 of my favourite male comedy actors of the past 10 years. I will list their best performance in that time and other notable films that they have been in. Hope you enjoy.

10. Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Best performance:

As Mclovin/Fogul in 'Superbad'. One of the most famous movie characters of recent years Mclovin has become a real cult hero. Not bad for Plasse' movie debut.

Other notable movies:

Role Models, Year one, Kick ass.

9. Jason Segel

Best performance

As Sydney Fife in 'I Love you Man'. Segel is superb in this movie alongside Paul Rudd. A particular highlight is when he tries to take on the incredible Hulk himself Lou Ferrigno. Needless to say it didn't end well for him.

Other notable movies

Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

8. Jim Carrey

Best Performance

As Bruce Nolan in 'Bruce Almighty'. This is classic Carrey. He plays a guy down on his luck who gets a little too critical of God. He soon finds out that it isn't an easy job running the world.

Other notable movies

Yes man, Fun with Dick and Jane.

7. Jonah Hill

Best performance

As Seth in 'Superbad'. When he really came into his own i think. His pursuit of alcohol for the party leads to some hilarious scenes, none more so than when he's dancing with tough guy's girlfriend. What's that on your trousers Seth?

Other notable movies

Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get him to the greek

6. Vince Vaughan

Best performance:

As Jeremy Grey in 'The wedding crashers'. Works really well with Owen Wilson in this as two single men trying to pick up women by crashing weddings. As Wilson starts to fall for one of the women he's pursuing Vaughan gets dragged along for the ride. The only problem is Isla Fisher wants him and she's totally crazy.

Other notable movies

Dodgeball, Couple's retreat


5. Seth Rogen

Best performance:

As Dale Denton in 'Pineapple Express'. Denton witnesses a murder which forces him and his pot dealer to go on the run from the killers. Some hilarious scenes follow with the pair of them stoned for most of them. The fight scene in the apartment is a particular favourite of mine.

Other notable movies

Knocked up, The 40 year old virgin, Funny people


4. Paul Rudd

Best performance

As Peter Klaven in 'I love you man'. Klaven's hunt to find a best friend or just A friend for that matter to be his best man at his wedding leads him to Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) Some brilliant moments. The "slapping the bass" scene is very funny.

Other notable films

Role Models, The 40 year old virgin, Knocked up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

3. Will Ferrell

Best performance

As Brennan Huff in 'Step Brothers'. He's a 40 year old loser living at home when his mother marries a man also with a 40 year old son Dale (John C Reilly) who still lives with him. When they all move in together it starts to get funny. Dale and Brennan's attempt at bunk beds is brilliant.

Other notable movies

Elf, Semi-pro, Anchorman, Wedding crashers

2. Adam Sandler

Best performance

As Michael Newman in 'Click'. When Newman gets hold of a remote that allows him to fast forward the boring parts of his life he thinks it's fantastic. It soon starts to overrule his decisions and begins to fast forward automatically. The scene where he pauses time when talking with David Hasselhoff had me in stitches.

Other notable movies

50 first dates, the longest yard, punch drunk love, Anger management

 1. Ben Stiller

Best performance

As Derek Zoolander in 'Zoolander'. Stiller plays the extremely dumb model in this brilliant comedy also starring Owen Wilson as his rival. A highlight is when he goes to work in the mine with his dad and brothers, "cough!! cough!! I think i've got the black lung pop"

Other notable movies

Meet the fockers, Dodgeball, Duplex (Our house)


There you have it then, Ben Stiller is the best comedy actor of the last decade, well in my opinion anyway. I hope you enjoyed reading and I thank you for taking the time. If you have any other suggestions that have not made the list then why not let me know in the comments below. I would also recommend any of the movies mentioned in this hub as they are all fantastic. Thanks again.

All photo's unless otherwise stated are from

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    • profile image

      ten 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Bedros 6 years ago

      This is list dreadful. Will SMith, Steve Carrell, Seann Willaim Scott, where are these guys ???

    • profile image

      Stefan 6 years ago

      Where are Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy ???

    • profile image

      fkpartizan 7 years ago

      where are michael cera and SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT?! will ferrell is the best comedy actor ever...

    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Saifhayel: In fairness though the bounty hunter only came out this year and i have done the hub based on films up to 2010 and not including, perhaps i was a bit misleading so I apolgise for that mate. I did actually enjoy the bounty hunter though, very funny. I haven't seen the ugly truth yet but i'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation and for reading.

    • saifhayel profile image

      saifhayel 7 years ago

      All of them are great, but what about Gerard Butler in movies like The Bounty Hunter and The Ugly Truth ...

    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Warchild: I know what you mean mate, he's just got that knack of making you laugh without doing much hasn't he?

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      Used to love carrey but lately Vince vaughn has had me creasing up,i know he plays the same character in every film pretty much but the faces he pulls have me in stiches!!

    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Not mad, it's just the untalented, fat, ugly kid (as you say) has made me laugh more than jim carrey in the last 1o years. If we were talking about Carreys films in the 90's then he'd probably top the list. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate everyones opinion.

    • profile image

      watevahidowatiwant 7 years ago

      bro, you placed an untalented fat ugly kid below jim carrey? your mad brah your mad i mean wtf

    • Fuller_legend profile image

      Fuller_legend 7 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

      Thanks missbookworm. Superbad was a great film wasn't it? I Thought about putting Michael Cera in there but he just narrowly missed out. Thanks for reading.

    • lilmissbookworm profile image

      lilmissbookworm 7 years ago

      All great choices. If i was to suggest another it would be Michael Cera. His dry wit gets me everytime. Some great comedy actors in superbad. Good hub


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