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Fifa 11 - A winning formation? My attempt to change my fortunes with a new attacking tactic.

Updated on November 30, 2010

Now i'll be the first to admit that despite my love for Fifa 11 on PS3 i aren't that great at it. My defending is woeful and my finishing leaves a lot to be desired. So i decided i needed to find a new tactic, style of play, formation or simply anything that would get me winning a few more matches than i do. Here is my attempt at changing my fortunes

First of all i needed to decide whether to go with one of the default formations or pick one of my own. I decided to throw caution to the wind and tried to mask my awful defending with a very attacking team.So I edited a 433 formation and moved certain players around which created a 4132/424 with a Flat back 4, a defensive midfielder just in front of the centre backs, two advanced wingers, and an attacking midfielder playing just behind two strikers. I then set all of the front 5 players to high work rate.

Now i needed to figure out what type of player would go in each position, of course it's not always possible to pick the exact type of player you want depending on the team you choose to be.

  • I decided that the front 5 (with the exception of the deeper striker) should be as fast as possible. This Might sound pretty obvious but it was essential to the formation all the same
  • It was also essential for my deeper striker to be good in the air if my vision of the team was to come to life.
  • The defensive midfielder HAD to be a "destroyer". A playmaker type like Pirlo or Xabi Alonso just wouldn't have been aggressive enough as i needed to compensate for the 5 attacking players i'd picked.
  • Obviously aerial ability for the centre backs was essential and again i tried to get as much pace in the back line as i possibly could with the players i had.

This is the starting 11 i picked when i chose Tottenham as my team:

Peter Crouch: Not the most talented player in my team but he's as important if not more important than anyone else.
Peter Crouch: Not the most talented player in my team but he's as important if not more important than anyone else.

As you can see i have gone for the big man, little man partnership up front with Crouch and the rapid Defoe along with two pacy wingers in Lennon and Bale. Modric just edges out Van Der Vaart to the attacking midfield role based purely on him being that little bit faster. Palacios gets the defensive midfield role because of his aggressive style of play. Gallas and King were my picks for centre back because of their ability in the air. Neither are slow without being among the fastest. The full backs pretty much picked themselves due to lack of options. Again neither are slow but i would have liked a little bit more quality than they could give. Gomes was my starting keeper.

So how does the tactic work and did it go well?

Basically you are looking to get the ball forward as quickly as possible so that your five attacking players can hound the opposing defence. With their work rate set to high they hunt down defenders and cause panic amongst the opposition. The use of the long ball was very important in my tactic whether it was hit to crouch to win a flick on or to set the wingers on their way to put crosses in. My philosophy was that once the ball was in the oppositions half then you could start to play football.

I was definitely impressed at how well the formation worked when put into practice. In the first couple of games i had my opponents pinned in their own half as my players basically got right in their faces. My finishing still wasn't up to scratch but my thinking was if i create more chances i'm bound to score more goals, which was definitely the case.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how fast the wingers got back to help their full back and how the defence didn't seem under anymore pressure than when i usually play despite my much more attacking line up. I was still however conceding stupid goals through silly mistakes, but i was scoring more than usual so what the hell.

I was starting to win more games than i did before and in most of the ones i lost i was desperately unlucky. Recently though, i've not been using the tactic from the start, instead waiting until 60 mins or half time (if losing) to introduce it and It's been going down a treat.

So there you have it. That's my attempt at improving my performance on Fifa 11 and while i still aren't up there with the best i've definitely got better due to the change in formation and style of play.

I hope you enjoyed reading my hub, and i thank you for taking the time to do so. Why not try this tactic out for yoursleves and let me know if it worked for you, or if you have a tactic of your own then again let me know as I'm always willing to try new formations and learn from other players

Which team do you think would be more suited to the 424 formation?

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    • profile image

      joon 6 years ago

      great tactic imma try it out. for the other thing the poll, people who voted for barcalona needs to explain to me why you wanna play high balls when u hav messi/villa/pedro/bojan etc etc. i never managed to get a high ball working. as seems that they are all lil players.. so explain me whyyou wanna play his style with long balls with barcalona?




      ???? ????

      ???? ????

      ????? ????

    • profile image

      Randy schutt 6 years ago

      great tactic imma try it out. for the other thing the poll, people who voted for barcalona needs to explain to me why you wanna play high balls when u hav messi/villa/pedro/bojan etc etc. i never managed to get a high ball working. as seems that they are all lil players.. so explain me whyyou wanna play his style with long balls with barcalona?

    • profile image

      Rossi 7 years ago

      Yeh , I would hammer you if you tried this stupid tactic with me haha

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      your formation is terrible there is no midfield!

    • profile image

      Liam101 7 years ago

      That works really well for tottenham. For chelsea I tried a 3-5-2 with lampard as an attacking midfield and mikel playing slightly eeper than essien. Bought G. Bale as well

    • profile image

      Nizent 7 years ago

      Maybe Modric has more speed, but when u get a free kick and u have VdV u will have more chance at scoring and free kicks are good scoring opportunities

    • profile image

      Sut 7 years ago

      I play a WW formation with two centre backs screened by a defensive midfielder. In line with this dcm, I deploy a pair of wingbacks. Ahead of him, a pair of attacking midfielders support a central striker who is flanked by wingers on either side.

      This formation lends itself really well to passing in triangles and the lone striker can either hold the ball up for the midfielders to bomb on past him or benefit from crosses from either winger.

    • profile image

      دردشة 7 years ago

      thank you a lot's

    • profile image

      FIFA !! 7 years ago

      you want the best and quickest way to get top class players then get this trainer i just got ronaldo 92 for 1.500 coins lulz

    • profile image

      George 7 years ago

      Nice lineup, will definitely try this one!

    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago

      good hub i adopted for manu 3 at the back with evra makeshift lm and carrick cdm


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