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True Blood: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Updated on August 28, 2011

Eric and Sookie


The Cold Grey of Dawn

The Cold Grey of Dawn. They are all coming out of the full moon frenzy. Pam almost kills Tara but vainly decides to let Tara go when she is video tapped. Tara breaks it off with her girlfriend fearing for her girlfriends life.

Lafayette finds out he is a medium which apparently Jesus knew the entire time. Lafayette is a medium like Marnie but not one that blood lets.

Jason still is obsessing about Jessica and his best friend Hoyt is concerned he is losing Jessica.

Meanwhile, Jessica is called back by her maker Bill to deal with Antonia possession's of Marnie who is practicing necromancy. Bill orders all of his subjects to bind themselves with silver so Antonia can't force them to walk into the light. While bound Bill and Jessica finally bound.

Sookie and Eric make love from the forest to the bed. As the imminent love story between Sookie and Eric has finally been fulfilled. Bill meets Eric and Sookie, at Sookie's house and implores Eirc to bind himself with silver so Marnie can't force him to walk into the light. Sookie binds Eric in Silver and he literally smokes. Eric still insists he doesn't want his memory back and Sookie is content to believe Eric is an innocent.

Antonia via Marnie enlists Tara to go to war with the vampires. Tara recruits Holly and a few others to fight the war against the vampires with Marnie. Marnie only recruits the willing. They form a circle and attempt to call all the vampires into the light.

Tommy is discovered by Sam as turning into a Skin Walker.

Andy has a date with Holly.

As the show ends Jessice is under the control of the necromansey spell walking into the light and Jason is on his way to save her.


Really terrific love story. Eric and Sookie's love story is really dangerous and erotic. The characters are really sophisticated and the plot has developed. This show is smart, sexy and terribly funny. The writing is terrific and the actors are outstanding. This show is a whole lot of fun to watch.


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    • profile image

      Jt Walters 

      7 years ago

      I love Anne Rice as well but that was a while back. Yes, we are all cuttiing back. My cable is getting cut off shortl as well.

      I will miss this series. I am told you can gte it on Netflix for less but I haven't gone there myself.

      There is something terrible delicious about vampire stories especially in New Orleans.

      But I think in the case of True Blood the production is better than the original writing but that is only an opinion and in the case of Anne Rice I never felt the movies lived up to the books.

      Hopefully there will be stimulus money and better times ahead so we can enjoy the smple pleasures of cable tv.

      All My Best,


    • profile image


      7 years ago from Syracuse, New York

      I am an avid fan of vampire stories. I had to cut back on HBO so I have not seen any episodes past the first season. So I have missed everything. I loved Anne Rice's Vampire series as well as her other writing and tend to use her vampire series as a benchmark against other writers/shows to this day.


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