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Upcoming Horror Films

Updated on September 12, 2012

It is a safe bet that when a new horror film hits the scene I am going to be found waiting in line at a theater eager to get my ticket. I have been a die hard horror fan since I was a young child. My local video store actually contacts me when new horror films arrive and when they pull one for resale. For valentines day several years ago my ex girlfriend bought me the "Nightmare on Elm Street" box set. I can be found online at least twice a week looking for zombie items. I admit it, I am a horror nut, but let's face some facts, you are too, or you would not be here reading this right now.

In recent weeks I have been creeping the world wide web hoping to gain much needed knowledge on new horror films that are about to hit the market. I managed to find more than a few that really captured my attention and made me stop for a moment. Some brought that crooked evil smile out of me that means hey, I am so there and others made me turn my head at an angle and ask, why, dear God, why?

I figured since we both obviously share a love for all things horror, I would share my findings with you.

Silent Hill 3D Revelations

This one follows Heather Mason, who on the eve of her 18th birthday is haunted by vivid nightmares and the unexpected disappearance of her father. She has spent her life running away from dark and dangerous forces she doesn't understand. Each step she takes brings her one step closer to the truth and forever being trapped within Silent Hill. Carrie-Ann Mass from the Matrix fame will play the role of Claudia Wolf. Malcom McDowell from the Clockwork Orange will act as Leonard Wolf. Rhada Mitchell will reprise her former role of Rose. Deborah Unger returns as Dalia Gillespie.

Micheal J. Bassett will pen and direct this film. He hopes to recreate the vivid and detailed imagery the first film produced, so much that he has recruited the original crew to handle the design. Despite keeping the original staff he wants to give this film a darker look.

I was a big fan of the game and really felt the first film was a great horror story and captured some serious aspects of the game. I was particularly impressed with the transition from real world to Silent Hill world. I felt like they really captured the scary factor the games had. I am just hoping we see the ghost children from the first game make their big screen appearance.

Night of the Living Dead 3D Re-animation

Yet another horror film set to film in 3D. This one gives us a mortician who just inherited a mortuary. He accidentally exposes some bodies to a dangerous toxin and soon the zombie fun begins. This one is a prequel to the 2006 Night of the Living Dead 3D. Jeff Broadstreet will return to direct this film.

The only real feature here that is worthy of talking about is the Sister Sara character played by Denice Duff. The character is rumored to be a spoof of Sara Palin and meets a very gruesome end at the fangs of many zombies.

I am very excited about this despite the bad talk online. I enjoyed the randomness of the 2006 film quite a bit. I actually found it entertaining. I admit one guy armed with a shovel knocking out like 50 zombies is a bit far fetched but at the same time it was still amusing. Remember it is all about the zombies.

Wrong Turn 4

This one follows a group of friends on a snowmobile trip. They become lost and the typical mutant rednecks find them. In this one they get lost and hold up in an abandoned asylum. Isn't it rather funny how these things seem to pop up in the most awkward of places?

The storm outside keeps them trapped all the while they are being watched by a variety of grissled mutant freaks, kind of like a reunion of former Hee Haw stars. This one will be a straight to DVD release and doesn't look all that well from what I can tell. One rumor is this is actually a prequel in the series as several mutants we have already seen will be featured here as well.

Sean Skeen will play "Three fingers", David Skeen will be playing "One Eye", and Scott Johnson will take on the role of "Sawtooth". The brave man set to direct this disaster will be Dealon O'Brian.

I am not excited in the least to see this. I watched the first and was rather impressed but the sequels just seemed so stupid. In all honesty the second one bored me so bad I never even attempted to watch the third.

It just seems like a Deliverance version gone astray so remember if you hear banjos, just keep paddling.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer

With a title like that how could this not rock! I recall walking past the book section of the local Wal-mart and seeing this on the shelf and just thinking how cool that book was. It was such a thrill to discover this crazy book will soon be an equally crazy film.

As if the idea of President Lincoln hunting down the undead threat of vampires wasn't absurd enough the film will feature a relative unknown cast. Tim Burton will be a part of this 69 million dollar film.

I am very eager to see this type of take on the classic vampire film. Just the thought of the top hat wearing president slaying vampires makes me giddy.

World War Z

Dear God, pinch me! I am so thrilled about this one. It is estimated that the budget will top 125 million. That is a bad thing because Paramount may not proceed until more backing is acquired. Filming is hoped to begin soon and the release is set for Summer 2012. The big draw here is the star. Brad Pitt will be the main face of the film. His production company is also on board with the film.

This will be based on Max Brook. This book takes you from the very beginning of the zombie outbreak all the way to the end. Some of the book's most epic moments are going to be very difficult to adapt to film but if done well it will be well worth it. With the popularity of Walking Dead this film is set to really set the zombie world aflame.

The book really is a masterpiece that mixes serious research with a world that allows for zombies to be a reality. I am excited to see the battle of Yonkers and some of the more detailed zombie encounters. If you have not read the book pick it up and go to town. It is an amazing read.


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    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      Some of those look really good. Another one I'm looking forward to is the Underworld film. More action than horror, but even so. Good Hub, let's mark our calendars!