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You Tube Greatest Hits Part 2

Updated on April 6, 2010

You Tube fun

So here it is after a long delay and too many hours spent wandering around the endless labyrinth that is Youtube. So much to choose from. The following selection is just some of my favourites. I've tried to go for variety. Not all of the video clips have had massive hits but they nevertheless, in my opinion, still deserve recognition.

So without further delay here are some more Youtube gems. I've embedded the clips in this hub and also put links underneath the clips because the media moguls seem to have a legion of lawyers continually trawling youtube looking for copyright infringements. A bit like King Nebuchadnezzar ordering the waves to retreat I feel. However, in these straitened times even lawyers might be grateful of employment, no matter how pointless.

Jungle Book - The Monkey Song

Pankun and James

How to Buy Drugs

Tiger Temple in Thailand

Dj Craze

Borat taking the piss

Inspired Bicycles

Malcolm X talking about his slave name

Andy C and gospel madness

Where the Hell is Matt?

The Trailer Park Boys


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