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Youtube Greatest Hits 3

Updated on January 4, 2011

Here is my third list of Youtube hits. Some have millions of hits, some just a few thousand. What are the clips have in common is a certain kind of excellence. Alll the video clips are either interesting, amusing, original or strange to such a degree that they are worthy of special attention. In short worthy of making it onto a list of youtube greatest hits.

Youtube is a veritable treasure trove of video gems. These gems are sometimes, however, hard to find. This list along with Youtube Greatest Hits One and Two is designed to help you get straight to the good stuff of Youtube and by-pass all the dross.

So please enjoy. For copywriting reasons, I expect some of the clips will be pulled from this list, so to combat this pettiness I include a link back to youtube for each clip, where you should be able to see the clip if it doesn't appear on this page.


Who would have thought that pole dancing could be beautiful and acrobatic as well as sexual?


Supergrass, a big Indie band from the 90s made this one truly original video that is a delight to watch.



Dead Ringers - Mr. Men

Some very amusing Mr. Men satire courtesy of the BBC.


A Year on Ice - Antartica

Brilliant photography that gives an amazing insight into life on the last great bastion of nature. The clips of the aurora borealis are incredible.


Ants eating a gecko

I never tire of watching the workings of nature. Here ants totally re-cycle a gecko. Efficient little buggers.


Maru and the box

Maru the cat has become a youtube celebrity. This cat has garnered millions of hits. This is one of Maru's cutest moments.


Improvisation Show

This clip taken from an improv show is one of the biggest hits on youtube. The actors do brilliantly and yes, there's a gay joke.


Best Car Ad

Honda make some great TV ads, and this in my opinion is their best. I'm not a big fan of cars or car ads but this is a type of genius.


OK Go - Here it Goes Again

Such a simple idea for a pop video but a brilliant one nevertheless. This band are creating millions of clicks on youtube.



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    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 8 years ago

      Funny stuff - I do love that Supergrass song!