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You Tube Greatest Hits Part 1

Updated on April 6, 2010

My You Tube Favourites

So here are some of my favourite you tube clips. They are not in any particular order, nor are they ranked according to hits. I guess the vid cam "Numa Numa" bloke has had more hits than Jimi Hendrix. So what does that say about taste?

Just a few notes on the clips.

1) Lasse Gjertsen is a genius at cutting and pasteing. His human beatbox is very interesting as well. Who says Sweden is boring. This clip sounds a bit Daft Punkish to me.

2) Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt apparently took years to draw and was rejected by the Family Learning Channel. The comedy is dark and satirical and gets oddly metafictional by the end. He's since gone on to paying work. Sadly this clip was removed for copyright reasons no doubt.

3) Spiders on Drugs is supposedly commissioned by the Ottawa Wildlife board. I love it because it starts so straight and gets more and more hilarious. The script and narration are spot on.

4) The Flight of the Conchords are from New Zealand. They call themselves 'folk parodists'. They are extremely irreverent and funny in a 'we're kinda sad' way. They made an eponymous TV series. Apparently, the second season is out soon. There are lots of their clips on You Tube.

5) This is kind of shocking. Are these prisoners having their human rights abused or are they getting something out of it? Perhaps Guantanamo Bay could use a similar make over. Have they paid any licencing fee to Michael for this I wonder.

6) In my opinion the theramin could be Soviet Russia's greatest contribution to world culture. The world's first electronic instrument and still its strangest. Playing air is a hard feat. The musician has the vocal track of Gnarls Barkley and does strange and wonderful things with it.

7) Jimi Hendrix played Woodstock first in the wee hours of the morning and second on Sunday afternoon when everybody was leaving. Those who left before this performance missed something special. Not only an iconoclastic moment satirising American patriotism (he imitates bomb noises with his guitar), but also a revelatory performance by a guitar genius and great show man. He goes straight into 'Purple Haze' afterwards. If only I could have been there.

8) Only discovered this gem of idiocy and lack of talent after watching the hilarious South Park Episode entitled 'Canada On Strike'. I hope that his subsequent TV appearances have earned him some money and allowed him to move out of his mum's house and get some mates.

So there is the first installment of my You Tube greatest hits. If you like what you saw and have some more jewels of video clip bizarreness please leave me notes, links, titles or URLs in the comment box.

Breaking News

Youtube greatest Hits 2 is now available for your enjoyment!

Lasse Gjertsen

Spiders on Drugs - Dr Peter Witt

Business Time - The Flight of the Conchords

Thriller - CPDRC inmates - Philippine prison inmates

Crazy - on the theramin

Jimi Hendrix - The Star Spangled Banner live at Woodstock

Numa Numa - some sad, fat dude

Woodstock 1
Woodstock 1

The Original Soundtrack. A must for any music collection



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