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What's the difference between Hefner and Weinstein?

Suave and debonair ladie's man Hefner instititionalised career advancement in exchange for sexual favours. He made it acceptable. Ugly fat bald Weinstein is a boy scout compared to Hefner but his career was ruined pre court for expecting what Hefner created. What are the differences between lovable Hef and hated Weinstein? Stars such as MJ are still popular with the same people who are pilloring Weinstein. MJ had alimony settlements with children. If Weinstein looked like Brad Pitt would there be as many or indeed any complaints?


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Catherine Mostly (Misfit Chick) says

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2 weeks ago
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    Oztinato 2 weeks ago

    If course I agree.

    However from a legal stance the character of the alleged victim plus the time it takes to report plus the circumstances of the alleged facts governs the legal success or failure of court action.