How to make a hip hop beat

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    craigcotterellposted 4 years ago

    In this article I would like to talk about how to make a hip hop beat that sounds so grimey everybody that knows you would think your possessed by the devil him self lol let's begin shall we.

    First things first I would like to thank all those that support my work rather it be my music carer as a hip hop artist on a independent level or as a guy pushing a few articles to promote his website. Anyways first things first what you must know is not every beat that anyone producer makes is going to come out grimey or to your liking you know just look at those in the major league they'll tell you it takes a lot of work to get to where they got and it will take a lot more work to go we're they want to go so with that I'll say you'll need the right sounds samples, drums, instruments loop up and played in the right manner so your beat comes out grimey. Just look at Havoc's beats on the Infamous and Hell On Earth cd's those beats are a classic example of grimey even when Prodigy was involed in the beat making process on the Infamous cd it came out tight stupid and grimey unlike and thing that plays on the radio today.

    So the first thing you need is the right sounds it could be a grand piano or a organ maybe even a string quartet sample with so dope drums underneath it and a heavy bass line you need the right sound.

    Also you need to put it all together with the right melody. If you want the beat to come out poping you might want to stay away from sad melodies you know, you would want something gruesome something to get the future artist that's going to be on the beat heat pounding teeth grinding basically get that artist blood flowing and his vocab up so that he or she writes a banger to match your banger.

    So as your coming up with your grimey beat you should remember that you need some banging drums some sort of sound or sample to formulate into a grimey underground melody which could be consumed buy the artist that buys your beat then could be scoped up buy those on that artist mailing list, fan base.

    In ending basically you need the right sounds and to play them in a official manner that's uncivilized that the real heads keep your head in the clouds about this rap thing so that you could get some gold plaques get that love from the true heads in that are underground Mc's and students of the culture. See I was born in 78 and became a product of the 80's and became a student of the culture (hip hop) in the 90's now it's time to be a teacher and teach so I'm going to teach. I hope you got some useful information out of this article till next time.