The VMA awards. Miley Cyrus. Robin Thicke. Bruno Mars. Our generation.

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    A20somethinginnyposted 4 years ago

    The video music awards today is SO much different than when I was a kid. Not so much that the content is unrecognizable, but so much that the entertainment is redundant, ridiculous, and overly attention-seeking. Miley Cyrus, in her early 20's, engaged, successful, rich and has the need to act out in a performance that can only be described as completely ridiculous and offensive. Robin Thicke didn't make matters better by being an active part of the sick and twisted shindig. As not only a woman, but as a person in her age bracket, that performance made me feel uncomfortable and absolutely disgusted with my generation and the acceptance of such filth. I hate the mindsets of the closed-minded older folk who think our generation has/will doom this nation, but with THAT performance I see their point of view. HOW is that considered entertainment? Its nothing but controversy at it's finest. What makes it so hard to do a classy performance? The fact that her talent level is so far below an artist like Bruno mars who's voice spoke for itself that night?  Not to say Bruno Mars sang a classy song choice, because his song was about having sex like animals. Gorillas, to be exact. However, he didn't ACT the song out on stage with a foam finger and a married man, like Ms. Cyrus did. Why do we allow females like Miley Cyrus to be examples of our generation? We give these celebrities such undeserved attention. In the media. In forums. Hell, I'm probably doing it right now.  We pay money to see these types of performances and act like its acceptable. We then talk about it and allow it to become  the #1 news story. Most people my age can tell you exactly how many husbands and sex tapes Kim Kardashian has had but has no clue about what's happening in Syria. How can we, as a generation, as a nation, allow ourselves to be so ill-informed and uneducated. My advice: Let's stop watching so much E! and reading so much People magazine and actually pick up a real newspaper and learn about the new scientific breakthroughs going on and new technological advances. Knowledge is power. Miley Cyrus is not. Lets stop giving it to her.

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      MJenniferposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      You give me hope, A20!  It's been a long time since I was in my 20's (although not so long I've forgotten them!) but I'm not a puritanical dinosaur, either.  Nonetheless, I thought Miley's antics went well beyond what is acceptable and appropriate.  I get that she is trying to reinvent herself.  I get that she is not a Disney pre-teen anymore and is exploring her own sexuality.  What I don't get is why stars who would seem to have the world by the tail think that reinventing themselves should necessitate classless, base, offensive behavior.  Why not choose to reinvent herself with elegance and poise?  Why must today's stars stoop to the ghetto and not reach for what is higher and more lasting? 

      I thought Miley's act was degrading to women, coarse, and utterly tasteless.  If she sought to get attention, sure, she was successful.  If she sought artistic merit, she stumbled and fell.  The arts today are in such a state of mediocritization ... and the fawning attention paid to the practitioners based on shock value is discouraging. 

      I appreciate your perspective and find it reassuring.  You put it very well. 

      Best -- MJ

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    Zelkiiroposted 4 years ago

    Awards shows have always been terrible. This is nothing new.

    Now sit down and listen to some real pop music.