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The Reason you like Anna instead of Elsa

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    greeneyedblondieposted 4 years ago

    "When Frozen first came out, I thought I would like Elsa more because she has ice powers, but I really like Anna better now that I've actually seen the movie." I've heard this more than once, by more than one person. What is the reason for this? I mean, how cool would it be to have ice powers? Okay, if you saw the movie, not so cool.

    Anyway, you like Anna more because you're an extrovert. Elsa's the introvert, and no one seems to like them. (Sorry introverts, I know your pain because my whole immedicate family are introverts.) How can I tell which one is which?

    Anna craves attention and friendship from her sister for years while Elsa wasn't afraid of living in an ice palace alone with no communication with anyone. Anna wants to go out and meet people and have amazing experiences while Elsa doesn't mind staying inside the palace. Of course some people may use the excuse that Elsa was just afraid of her ice powers. So lets go back to before she became afraid of them.

    Anna is awake early in the morning ready to get up and play with her sister while Elsa doesn't mind sleeping in a little and playing later. She doesn't need her sister to play with her in order to function. Lets go to after Elsa is no longer afraid of her powers.

    Anna is out in town with Kristoff surrounded by people and merry. Elsa is closer to the palace and has decided to make an ice rink for her people.

    Do you see the differences now?

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      AnastasiaMcGowanposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I like both equally, each is clearly a product of their surroundings and experiences, Elsa is introverted because she feels she has to be to protect her sister and she justifies being alone because she doesn't want to disappoint her parents because they were the ones that wanted her to hide her power, she can't control her ability because she has been so afraid of it that she never accepted it and tried to move on with her life.  Anna is extroverted because she was ignored by her sister, her parents died, she was locked inside a castle for years so all of that just made her anxious to get out and experience life, I think people like Anna more because she is happy and wants to have a good life, while people dislike Elsa because she hides who she is.

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    Zelkiiroposted 4 years ago

    The mind-blowing popularity of "Let It Go" suggests Elsa is the more popular sister. :V

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      greeneyedblondieposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I think a lot of people like the song, or Idina Menzel herself. Also, it's not as though Elsa lovers don't exist I've just heard that phrase so many times recently I had to write about it.

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    Shanna11posted 4 years ago

    I actually like Elsa far more and it's not because I identify with her. I'm actually a very extroverted people-person and I'm far more like Anna. However, I find Anna to be almost too open. Elsa is mysterious and closed-off, and this comes off as more complex. I also like how powerful she is. Anna is naive but Elsa just seems more grown up in some regards and if I had to choose between the two, I would much rather be Elsa.