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Would You Risk Your Life For Someone In The Name Of True Love?

  1. gogetter4u profile image61
    gogetter4uposted 7 years ago

    A Sister's Love....(Please watch video towards the end of my hub)

    Many of us have family that we truly love and can't imagine our life without them. Oh sure we may fight and argue sometimes, but the bottom line is, we deeply love our family. This hub is not intended to be a long hub. I just want to appeal to all of you who have family and love ones that are yet living and possibly your not speaking to.

    You may have had a horrible fight over someone or something you feel that's unforgivable. There may be hundreds of good reason's why your not talking to your family or even a best friend. I don't know and frankly, don't care to know. The one thing that I do know and believe in strongly is "the Power Of Forgiveness and the Power Of True Love." True love takes no account of a suffered wrong and loves unconditionally. True Love chooses to forgive when you have the power not to, yet, you forgive. True Love may tell a person, you hurt me deeply but just give me time to heal because I still believe in US. True Love can mean so many things and do many things.

    I want to direct your attention to the word "DO," which is an action word. What Can Love Do For Me, you may ask? Instead, I want you to see What love did for someone else. This person did not ask "What can love do for me?" This person, in a split moment, showed not only her sister, but the World what LOVE can DO for another. Even if Love means giving up it's own life to save another, this young girl, only 9 years of age, Anaiah Rucker, just last month, showed the World what True Love really is when she saved her sister's life. When the Reporter asked Anaiah why did she risk her life to save her sister? Anaiah's answer was just as simple and plain as day."I DID IT BECAUSE SHE'S MY SISTER AND I LOVE HER." I at that moment wept in tears as I felt the true love of one who has for a sister. Anaiah said nothing to the reporter about losing one leg in risking her life to save her sister. Anaiah's love, was her sister. She told the reporter, "I couldn't see being without my sister and I just knew I had to save her". What the world called Heroic, Anaiah called it, Love.

    Please watch this video towards the end of my hub. If your able to get through it, pick up the phone immediately and call your family, your best friend, your spouse, whoever injured you and forgive them. Tell that love one that you love them and go the extra mile by showing how much you love them. You may be the person who injured a loved one. Swallow your pride and ask for forgiveness. Show your love ones that you love them as well. Please, do it now! Tomorrow may not be promised to any of us.

    Have you Loved on someone today?

    Sonia Denice

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    andrebreynoldsposted 7 years ago

    Like the way we see in TV?...MAybe.

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    Miraclrposted 7 years ago

    Nope coz the way they show us in tv is unreal and fairy tale.

  4. gogetter4u profile image61
    gogetter4uposted 7 years ago

    I love children and they r our future...I believe in the safety of every child.

    they're writing a story on the forum marked books & lit & writing...it's funny & people r adding 2 it 2c how far its goes. go to lets write a story..tell us what's next in the story...this is a good way to get known... have fun..

    check out the brave storys also on my hubs

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    gis_r07posted 7 years ago

    Well, I guess to answer this question with any level of credibility one will have had to experience true love. Many of us don't really know the meaning of true love, furthermore possess a yardstick by which to measure it. I think there is some level of reciprocation involved in true love and I guess one will risk their life if they know the same will be done for them

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    dresslineposted 6 years ago

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