Where can we pick up movie images for free?

  1. Charito1962 profile image88
    Charito1962posted 2 years ago

    Hello, fellow hubbers and HP editors.
    Could any of you suggest a site or domain where we can FREELY pick up images (photos of movie scenes) for our movie reviews?
    You see, many of these film photos are not available in Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, Flickr Creative Commons, and the other sites which HP recommends. Besides, we’re discouraged from picking up from Google pages.
    So, is there any site /domain?
    -Ms. Charito

    1. raffael lm profile image59
      raffael lmposted 2 years ago

      I would like you to visit the following page for legal image using guide by HubPages. I found many movies image from Flickr. Something we should know about proper image attribution for using on HubPages. I hope it'll be useful for you smile


      1. Charito1962 profile image88
        Charito1962posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Hi, raffael lm. Thank you for your suggestion.
        Yes, I explored Flickr and was able to pick up some good movie images. (But I was careful not to choose those that had "All / Some rights reserved!)
        I appreciate your help. Thanks again.