There's an app for that: TrumpHaters

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    ptosisposted 13 months ago

    Angry? Depressed? Pissed off? Scared?

    Located at Google Play for Android

    Boycott Trump
    Wall of Trump - Donald Trump

    Or can turn angst into something constructive such as the website:
    What is RageDonate?

    When someone in a position of power challenges your belief in decency or equality, or when someone promises to make life difficult for you or the ones you love... It feels painful, it fills you with anger.

    RageDonate harnesses the power of that anger to deliver real change. If words and actions make your blood boil, push a button to donate to a cause which directly benefits those under threat. It feels good, and it does good.

    Get mad and help others get even.

    Want to get over anger addiction?  ( I would like to)
    From … .qcjreD2K9

    I did take a break from the news and watched 2 hours of funny dogs and laughing babies the other day