What current Broadway show (musical or play) should not be missed? Give reasons

  1. LowellWriter profile image77
    LowellWriterposted 9 years ago

    What current Broadway show (musical or play) should not be missed? Give reasons to support your answer.

  2. Ladybythelake55 profile image56
    Ladybythelake55posted 8 years ago

    The Secret Garden is one musical no one should miss simply because it has breath-taking music and whoever puts it on does a great job. The music is hauntingly beautiful and when you go to see it there will not be a dry eye in the house when you hear How Could I Ever Know. It is based on The book by Frances Hodgson Burnett- The Secret Garden and it based on the movies one down by Hallmark Hall of fame and The one with Kate Maberly. You have to watch both movies to understand the musical because Lily has a sister in the music as she does in thle 1996 version of  The Secret Garden and Archibald has a brother rather than a male cousin like in the 1989 version of the Secret Garden, when actually Mary's brother and Collin's mother are sister and brother.
    Lucy SImon wrote the music for the secret garden. It is a great musical for the entire family.

  3. John Fracchia profile image55
    John Fracchiaposted 8 years ago

    Avenue Q.  For anyone who grew up in the Sesame Street generation, this work is brilliantly satirical while still managing a positive message.  Many, many laughs and outstanding music.  Standout songs include; Avenue Q, The Internet Is For Porn, and It Sucks To Be Me.  Note:  Possibly o.k. for teenagers but not for small children.