Why is so much press being given to Michael Jackson?

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  1. Life Force World profile image60
    Life Force Worldposted 9 years ago

    Why is so much press being given to Michael Jackson?

    Have we become such a society that we value the life of a pop star more than the life of a soldier, or a veteran, or a mother?  One lady said that the day Michael died it was the worst thing that ever happened to her.  Is she kidding?  We have things far greater happening in this world than this.  Yes, it is sad.  But what can you expect when you put things in your body that are poison like massive amounts of medications.  Where is our moral compass?  Why has America idolized Michael so?

  2. zackdeck profile image61
    zackdeckposted 9 years ago

    America has idolized Michael for the thing he did best, being a musical genius. Everyone knows all the strange things he did, but he was a great man, gave everyone in the world great music, great entertainment, and he gave tons of money to the needy. The media are giving him so much press because he is a music legend that died, just like when Elvis died.
    And Michael was in a massive amount of pain and his doctor gave him the medications he thought were safe and would help, its not like he stole it or bought it off the streets, a doctor told him it was OK.

  3. MomintheMiddle profile image60
    MomintheMiddleposted 9 years ago

    I think it is because we're fascinated with the massive amounts of drugs he took, the massive army of people who aided him in his drug habit, and the sway he held over them to get them to actually compromise themselves to the point they did. Also the intrigue is that someone likely is responsible for his death just by sheer negligence. The whole situation of his life is unfathomable. It's just, to me, not that he was this great entertainer though there is no doubt there was genius there - of course. But that isn't it: it's the mind-boggling freak show that must have been his life, his mind, his handlers and his (quite honestly) inadvertent (I suspect) murderers that has the public so glued to this story. It's tragic, sick, fascinating and freakish/goulish. I've said it a thousand times and might say it a thousand times more, would that the social service people could just take those poor kids away into a children's version of witness protection and change their identities it would suit them perfectly, even if they were never rich ever again. Poor things. Though I've no doubt that he was kind and good to them, I am not so sure the others will be as good for them.

  4. profile image0
    Miss Nomiposted 9 years ago

    As a brown-skinned person about his age, I grew up rarely seeing someone who looked like me on TV - shoot, I grew up rarely seeing anyone who looked like me PERIOD, Michael Jackson was someone I could identify with and look up to...I think a lot of people my age feel that way about him.  He was one of our first idols - and rarely do people stop loving their childhood idols.  He grew up before our eyes and, in a way, he's part of our lives...so I think people just want to know the truth about why someone they so adored died so young.


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