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Why are so many people infatuated with Twilight the series?

  1. Midasfx profile image66
    Midasfxposted 8 years ago

    Why are so many people infatuated with Twilight the series?

    I have never seen such mockery of a vamire movie in my life. I sat through about 30 minutes of this movie and my eyes were bleeding. It was pitiful. A couple of highschool ninnies were frolicking around with some girl who isnt even hot. I thought vamires were bloodsucking, sensual predators, not a bunch of pretty boy lollygaggers? I can't even put this movie into a catagory here on hubpages. WTH is this movie?

  2. moanalisa profile image55
    moanalisaposted 8 years ago

    Each is entitled to their own opinions. You have a very specific idealistic view of what you perceive Vampires to be and seem to berate the movie based upon your preconceived notions.

    I'd suggest reading Stephanie Meyer's books and see for yourself what the real draw is...it really has little to do with Vampires and Werewolves, but a very real emotional draw that so many readers can relate to.

    Happy hunting and reading!

  3. Midasfx profile image66
    Midasfxposted 8 years ago

    Your right. To each his own. I just think that the movie is poor acting, a bad plot of using vampires in a high school movie love flick, and a poor reality that these teen girls think is ok. Like abandoning her friends for her bf?
    Are all guys suppose to live up to a pretty vampire boy?
    lol. sorry, i just think that guys should not paint there cheeks pink with glitter....

    Read Blatva's take on the series. I couldnt have said it better myself. Its worth the read as it is very true! ^_^

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Twilight-Start- … lationship

  4. lxd35 profile image59
    lxd35posted 8 years ago

    well, i don't think we should really count the movies as "the twilight series" because even twilight fans realized how much of a fail the first one was... and as a writer myself i know the writing of the novels wasn't anything special. i really just think that stephenie meyer created a world that people wanted to be a part of. the story she set up is something a lot of people could relate to (clumsy, awkward teen.. not really fitting in) but also gives them hope at the same time (meets mysterious cute guy at new school and falls in love). for guys i can see why they wouldn't like it.. maybe it's a little cheesey, yes the vampires sparkle and it seems really girly, it is primarily a love story but there's some action in the fight scenes... in the end i do agree with moanalisa... people love different things