Balcony Seating - Hows the view??

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    scrainposted 7 years ago

    Balcony Seating - Hows the view??

    I want to but tickets to see Stomp with my eleven year old son. We can only afford the highest...balcony. Do you feel we will have a good view? Not worried about sound I'm sure it will be great! Thanks, Sara

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    katiem2posted 7 years ago

    Oh your going to be very happy!  The theatre is small and intimate.  It was designed for small crowds in mind given the acoustics back in the day. 

    The balcony will be great seats!  You will get back to me and let me know?

    I love stomp, it's better that you'll be in the balcony as your 11 year old will not be so overwhelmed there.  The seats up close and personal can be scary for the kids.

    My daughter almost fainted when we saw CATS for the first time we got front row seats and the cats came down right in front of her, one put their paw on her lap and she was in shocked, She didn't move she was frozen.

    You never know how overwhelming something like that can be.  It just happened to be her favorite CAT and I think she was mesmorized more than anything.

    Taking kids to the theatre is a great experience and I know the kids LOVE the balcony, it makes it all the more magical.  My twelve year old thinks the balcony is a treat and that it is!

    Enjoy and thanks for the question! smile Katie