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Do you like listening to rap music?

  1. PR Morgan profile image60
    PR Morganposted 7 years ago

    Do you like listening to rap music?


  2. tony0724 profile image58
    tony0724posted 7 years ago

    Uhhhh in a word no ! When you are sampling someone else's songs in my mind you are stealing. Although I will say Jay-Z has one or two songs I can tolerate.

  3. atlovesbm profile image73
    atlovesbmposted 7 years ago

    LOL to Tony0724's comment! smile I like some rap, mostly the old school stuff..like Tupac or Warren G. Don't like the crap that's out now though.

  4. yiasa profile image60
    yiasaposted 7 years ago

    Well I certainly when i think that I need to listen to something disgusting.

  5. Billrrrr profile image83
    Billrrrrposted 7 years ago

    Music is always evolving and this genre is relevant to many people.  For me, it has to evolve some more before I will be a steady listener.

  6. Edoka Writes profile image60
    Edoka Writesposted 7 years ago

    Old School and new rappers who rhyme about causes and progressive communication, which is why rap was originally started. Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli are all good artists. Today most of the Hip Hop community is selling out for dollars; those I do not support in any form. 
    If you listen to rap from back in the day; like Public Enemy and KRS-1 it's amazing how respectful they brought the hammer to those who often strive to oppress and throw rocks and hide their hands at fellow man.

  7. BarbieGirl79 profile image57
    BarbieGirl79posted 7 years ago

    No not my type of music most rap singing is about sex, hate,bad language, hate other racial & killing people!!

  8. F.B. Spannigan profile image61
    F.B. Spanniganposted 7 years ago

    I really dislike rap, I listen to very very little rap.

  9. tonymead60 profile image92
    tonymead60posted 7 years ago

    yuck I hate it, other people like it, I hate all that seems to go with it, drugs, violence, it's music for those in a black hole of despair

  10. Dexter Yarbrough profile image82
    Dexter Yarbroughposted 6 years ago

    Yes. As long as it has a positive message. Calling women ugly names and rapping about crime, drugs and sex is not something that is pleasing to my ears.

  11. JayDee Sterling profile image61
    JayDee Sterlingposted 6 years ago

    Absolutely not.  "Old school" was about dancing and having fun. The so-called rap artist today have lyrics that are filled with hate, anger, dispect and disregard for human life.