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Am I the only one who thinks rap shouldn't be considered music?

  1. TheBlondie profile image60
    TheBlondieposted 6 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks rap shouldn't be considered music?

    It isn't singing, its just fast talking- they are pretty much all about the same things, and all sound similar. Why is rap such a popular genre of music?

  2. Wayne K. WIlkins profile image68
    Wayne K. WIlkinsposted 6 years ago

    I adore old and vintage music such as Connie Francis, Dean Martin, Cher and David Bowie, all of whom top my list of favorites. However, I don't mind rap so long as it tells a story. For example, "I need a doctor", a recent release by Eminem and the returning Dr. Dre tells a story about Dre who recently lost his son to heroin addiction. If you give it a listen and it tells a story, then I think it's justified, it's just rap often gets associated with bad stereotypes such as guns, drugs, sex and gangsters when in reality, that is not what the genre is about at all.

  3. profile image0
    BentleyMomposted 6 years ago

    I really only like Eminen, and a few other random songs, because I rather it have meaning to it. I do consider it music because it takes talent to pull it off. Have you heard someone who does not have that talent, they sound ridiculous!

  4. EltMrx profile image58
    EltMrxposted 6 years ago

    Most pop music sounds the same because it's not about originality or a message, it's about what sells and will get air time. You shouldn't judge an entire genre of music based just on what you hear flipping through the radio or television.

    If you did want to give rap music a try listen to some artists like Lupe Fiasco or B.O.B. And the song "I need a Doctor" with Dr. Dre and Eminem is definitely an amazing song...

    Try not to judge rap on a few artists talking about sex, guns, drugs, and going to the club. There are a lot of personal stories about triumph and failure, as well as political issues. Besides, all genres can be pre-judged and not considered real music.

    Country- all about tractors, trailers, horses, and the American flag

    Pop-a bunch of girls singing about going to the club and partying

    R&B- singing about loving someone, cheating, breaking up/making up

    and the list goes on and on with every genre.

    Keep your mind and ears open and you might surprise yourself with what you end up liking smile


  5. zoey24 profile image77
    zoey24posted 6 years ago

    I love music that has meaning in the words, like songs where i can listen to the words and identify with what the singer is saying. Rap music is not to everyones taste but it is a way for the musician to get their thoughts and feelings and opinions heard. And as long as it is not full of random babble that doesn't really make any sense then i quite like it lol

    1. Levertis Steele profile image84
      Levertis Steeleposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Rap music brings in big bucks, and it has a grand audience. I do not think that the style of music has been created that everyone likes.

  6. Joan1 profile image57
    Joan1posted 6 years ago

    It deffinitely doesn't sound all similar.
    You clearly haven't listened to it unbiased.

    Gangster rap is mostly about the same thing, but so are a lot of sub-genres in music.
    That those rappers come from a totally different environment where such topics play a big role makes it obvious that they rap about that. Our culture difference makes it different to relate to those lyrics.

    There is a lot of rap with interesting lyrics.
    But not every song should have a political message, it is music, it is entertainment.

  7. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    if anything shouldn't be considered music, it would be pop. these days the artists are talentless and make their money from their image. rap is true music because good rappers speak from experiences and the heart. where you came up with the idea that rap all sounds the same is beyond me but hey, that's your opinion. to me rap, though i don't listen to much of it, is by far more of a musical art them pop and hip-hop will ever be.

  8. Emmeaki profile image60
    Emmeakiposted 6 years ago

    Is classical music not music just because there isn't singing? Music can be whatever you want it to be. There is electronic music, there are guys in the subways who use buckets as drums and it is not less of a music form because because they don't have shiny new instruments. You don't have to like rap music, but it is absurd to say that it is not music.

    Also some of the vulgar and violent rap music you see today is totally different than what rap music was when it first started. It was poetry set to a beat.

  9. profile image53
    ruffridyerposted 6 years ago

    Personally I don't like rap.  When it first started out it seemed like it was all negative.  Talking about killing cops, slapping your woman for talking back and using drugs.
       Now alot of it is bragging about how all the women want me or how rich I am.
       A lot of rap is talking to a beat, big deal George Burns "Sang" like that.

  10. Levertis Steele profile image84
    Levertis Steeleposted 5 years ago

    When I was young, I hated country music and thought that it was not music but junk about hillbillies. After listening to greats like Charlie Pride, Loretta Lynn, and others, I changed my mind and slowly began to listen selectively. Now, I am a country music fan.

    Some rap is more like chanting or reading poetry, and some is actually singing with the strong, typical rap beats.

    Johnny Cash sang a song, "A Boy Named Sue," that I enjoyed when it was first popularized. Some of it is chanting or talking, but it was widely accepted. Many other singers chant ot talk their lyrics, not necessarily in the style of rap.

    Rap has been given a bad label by some because some rappers were associated with gangs, some have been shot in the streets, some of their lyrics are disrespectful toward women, there is much cursing, their choreography can be extreme, etc., and most rappers are black. Many people think that rap is giving youngsters a negative impression about gangs, drugs, women, and life. Rappers argue that they are mere relating what is happening. Also, top rappers make a lot of money and live "large," and many people cannot understand that.

    Personally, I do not like rap, but I can appreciate some of the positive rap with clean language. I also think that much of the rap I have heard is not good for young minds, but I cannot say that it is not music. It is music in its own style. I could not control country music when I hated it, and I am afraid that rap will roll on as long as it is bringing in the dough. A Comparison: the world knows that tobacco and alcohol are killing people by the millions, but who's banning these legal killers? It is all about the Benjamins. That is the kind of world we live in. We pick the bones of quails when we have dynosaurs lying dead waiting to be picked.