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Who is most famous in the world? Jackson or Osama?

  1. msumair profile image59
    msumairposted 7 years ago

    Who is most famous in the world? Jackson or Osama?

  2. swb64 profile image59
    swb64posted 7 years ago

    Jackson without too much thought at all.  I think - in loose formation - that Osama will leave his mark, and I hope its positive?

  3. maria.rose profile image35
    maria.roseposted 7 years ago

    I have no idea,Who is most famous in the world, but I think Osama is most famous in the world

  4. Billrrrr profile image83
    Billrrrrposted 7 years ago

    Who is more famous?  Jackson or Osama. 
    Who is Jackson?

    I guess you mean Michael Jackson - not Jessie Jackson, Randy Jackson,  Jackson Pollock,  or Jackson Browne. 

    As far as Michael Jackson is concerned,  I am not sure his body of work will stand the test of time.  Would you consider him as great or famous as Stevie Wonder?

    The second name  'Osama', I suspect,  refers to the person (in hiding) responsible for killing innocent civilians - Bin Laden.

    Bin laden ...the term for entities like him is not famous,  but

  5. viplove09may profile image67
    viplove09mayposted 7 years ago

    think osama is more famous in the world bcoz thr 60 muslim countries which dont knw and artist of hollywood or bollywood or any other bcoz they don know english so osama is more famous

  6. P. James profile image56
    P. Jamesposted 7 years ago

    Jackson is definitely more famous. Osama simply notorious (I wouldn't use the word famous)

  7. alrehman97 profile image60
    alrehman97posted 7 years ago

    I also don't know that of which Jackson are you taking. Anyway I think Micheal Jackson is most Famous because he is a famous pop star in the whole world.May god bless him.