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Who is your favorite television best friend?

  1. Alecia Murphy profile image79
    Alecia Murphyposted 6 years ago

    Who is your favorite television best friend?

    In different shows there's a sidekick or best friend? Who do you think would make a great friend in real life or is just plain awesome?

  2. thejeffriestube profile image73
    thejeffriestubeposted 6 years ago

    Spock/Leonard Nimoy. He could tell me to stop being irrational and wait for Hubpages/Panda bomb to calm down and just keep writing. :-)

  3. .josh. profile image61
    .josh.posted 6 years ago

    Jeff Greene (played by Jeff Garlin) in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.' The amount of flack he puts up with from Larry is ridiculous, but he's always there, and always has an amusing anecdote to lighten things up.

    This does not, however, extend to Jeff's wife. That woman is the absolute worst.

  4. VJSacino profile image60
    VJSacinoposted 6 years ago

    First off, I love this question. Secondly, I actually have three favorites.

    1. Rhoda Morgenstern (from The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
    - Rhoda is one of the most awesome television characters ever—so awesome that I seriously wish she existed. She tells it like it is—a quality I admire, especially since I'm the complete opposite.

    2. Laverne DeFazio (from Laverne & Shirley)
    - I am so similar to Laverne that it's not even funny—well, actually, it is pretty funny. I love her! If she existed, I think we would be best friends.

    3. Shirley Feeney (from Laverne & Shirley)
    - Shirley is amazing. She's the type of person you feel that you can run to with all of your problems and, no matter how bad something might seem, she can always make you feel better.

    Besides a time machine, if any dream invention could exist, I would want one that could bring television characters to life.

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