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If you were given a chance to make a movie, about what will you make the movie?

  1. anusha15 profile image87
    anusha15posted 6 years ago

    If you were given a chance to make a movie, about what will you make the movie?

    If you could pick stars of your choice, no limit of budget, no constraints, what movie would you make? Which stars would you cast?

  2. damek profile image59
    damekposted 6 years ago

    About hubpages.com ; - ) I will be the main star. Cheers big_smile

  3. xkamronx profile image59
    xkamronxposted 6 years ago

    I would make a realistic horror movie; I'm so freakin' tired of dropped keys, people tripping, the car not starting..

    The list goes on. It would actually be scary. I haven't been scared by a movie in at least five years. Anyone have any suggestions for a "scary" movie?

  4. sangre profile image94
    sangreposted 6 years ago

    My movie would star only women and focus on all the amazing things they do but don't get recognised for. : -)

    1. anusha15 profile image87
      anusha15posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I wish you get the chance. May be that will even increase respect for women, and reduce sex discrimination smile

  5. profile image0
    Indigitalposted 6 years ago

    Definitely a war with a touch of romance in. Obviously, being a war, you need Matt Damon. I'd love Jennifer Anniston to be the lover who awaits her engaged finance - Probably throw in some aliens half-way through, to spice things up. Then maybe she'll get abducted and he'll somehow receive a large promotion then hunt the aliens down - using advanced weapons he inveterately found lying on the ground.

    Send off with a nice romantic/sad scene. With loads of dead aliens getting shot in the background by Russians. Then the end sentence will be 'Then China started' 

    Oh, and I'd call it Jeff got Probed (Matt Damon would play Jeff)

  6. profile image54
    m_14posted 6 years ago

    A Love Story.
    Not enough love stories being made.  Too much bloodshed and action, special effects, even the colour they use on movies are dark and unattractive.  I wish I had the resources, and money, I have some great ideas for movies.
    I would have to seek out some new actors with screen presence, as I don't like what I see these days on the big screen.

  7. Ironman1992 profile image60
    Ironman1992posted 5 years ago

    The movie would likely be an in depth adventure movie with a strong plot and unique cast. The focus would not be action sequences, though there would be plenty, and they would be used only when they could propel the story along. These action sequences would consist of amazing fight scenes without the use of much fake looking cgi.

  8. profile image48
    girwolfposted 5 years ago

    i would be a movie with a 11 year old girl who goes on a adventure to find a necklece that will make her mother nature and magical creaures

  9. Gyanendra Mocktan profile image80
    Gyanendra Mocktanposted 7 months ago

    I would be making a film on teaching the children without any stress.