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Is rock music still on the rise or on the rocks?

  1. Anjili profile image82
    Anjiliposted 5 years ago

    Is rock music still on the rise or on the rocks?

  2. peeples profile image94
    peeplesposted 5 years ago

    Rock music is still going strong. Now there are so many types of rock that more groups are out there. Seether, Shinedown, Hollywood Undead, and Linkin park just to name a few who have put cds out in the last year. It will never be like it was years ago but it's a new rock.

  3. alancaster149 profile image85
    alancaster149posted 5 years ago

    Whilst Pop still holds onto its market for those who don't care to be involved too much in Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie or R&B, Rock still has a prime position on the market. Perhaps - as Peeples suggests - the Rock audience ain't what it was, but it still has a strong pulse! The legends like the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and Pink Floyd still go on the road, perform to their own audience (some cross over), and earlier legends like the Kinks still go on in the form of Ray Davies, Cream in the form of Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce, and the Beatles through 'Macca' (Paul McCartney), although the latter seems to have begun following the Pop Road. There's still life in Pete Townsend as well - even if he is stone deaf these days, but he feels the Vibes. Then there's Heavy Metal, a different 'animal', but those who remember seeing Iron Maiden live at the Cart & Horses near Stratford (London E15) before they were given their audition at Dingwalls in North London have witnessed them striding onward and upward on the U.S. Charts. Yessir, there's life in the old dog yet!

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    Olde Cashmereposted 5 years ago

    A change back to analog recording compared to digital would help the modern bands on radio differentiate from each other. What happens when a majority of major label bands utilize the same recording techniques and software, they begin to sound the same. I also feel the labels put a ton of pressure on the artists to conform to their demands. There are still some great rock bands going strong today such as Radiohead, Foo Fighters (recorded their last album in analog), Green Day, The Strokes, and others. There's always going to be kids who pick up a guitar and want to rule the world with their creativity, just gotta keep our eyes peeled for them.

  5. jimminylummox profile image59
    jimminylummoxposted 5 years ago

    It has been on the decline for quite sometime now. In my opinion.