The Person Behind the Voice

  1. JaShinYa profile image59
    JaShinYaposted 8 years ago

    So how many of you watch cartoons or listen to the radio? (I'm assuming most of you. haha)

    How many times have you thought about the voices that you hear? Most of the time when you hear these voices, you only visualize the character in your head or the product their trying to sell.

    If you have thought about it, have you ever thought about doing the same thing? or wondered how it all works?

    I figured this would just be a fun little topic to get everyone thinking about it. It's a really fun hobby and if you ever go pro in it, it's very lucrative.

    I have a whole series of hubs planned out for this in detail with one published, but I it makes a good convo too!

    (PS: Because voice overs are in just about every entertainment media, I didn't pick a sub forum.)