When was the last time you laughed so hard that it hurt your stomach? What was s

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  1. wiserworld profile image88
    wiserworldposted 10 years ago

    When was the last time you laughed so hard that it hurt your stomach? What was so funny?

  2. Blond Logic profile image94
    Blond Logicposted 10 years ago

    I am so pleased you asked a 'positive' question.

    Alas it was a few years ago, I was at my mother's house and all the family was gathered around playing Balderdash. The age range was 8-80.
    We were eating good food, playing the game and laughing hilariously at the answers.

    When you can laugh like that you know, you can  be yourself, be silly, and people will still love you.
    I had a pain in my side the next day and realized it was from laughing so much. It still hurt but what a wonderful pain to have.

  3. executivecatering profile image61
    executivecateringposted 10 years ago

    it has to be watching anchorman a few weeks ago this scene is just sooooo funny
    love it

  4. jessefutch profile image58
    jessefutchposted 10 years ago

    I work in the Loss Prevention field. We apprehended a suspect for shoplifting a while back. When we were questioning him, he stated that we did not want to press charges on him because he "was almost a sheriff for 12 years". You just had to see the suspect, his demeanor, his expressions and how serious he was about what he said... An entire office full of people had to leave the room because we couldn't hold back the laughter.

  5. profile image0
    Kerry43posted 10 years ago

    I was railroaded into attending an Amway meeting with a friend. Having a warped sense of humor, I got the giggles right in the middle of a presentation by some poor gentleman who obviously put a lot of thought into what he was doing, so much so that he began to sweat. Of course, I lost it laughing, and my friend also began to laugh hysterically, and let one rip just as there was a split second of silence. I had to leave immediately! We went to the bar next door. I didn't become an Amway representative lol.

  6. heavenleigh707 profile image75
    heavenleigh707posted 10 years ago

    It was a few weeks ago.

    My husband asked me if I knew a certain man with a not-so-great reputation. My young teenage son, with the best intentions toward defending my honor, rushed into the conversation to say, "Mom's not THAT big of a whore!!!"

    Needless to say, I was laughing too hard to be truly offended...and I couldn't bring myself to ask my son just HOW big of a one did he think I was?

  7. peaceful profile image67
    peacefulposted 10 years ago

    I will never forget the time that my friend and I were trying to get to a  low tide night- fishing spot by walking over a stretch of wet, muddy rocks and river debris...

    He was so busy complaining about how slow and cautiously I was moving that he didn't bother to watch his own footing.

    He slipped and all 300 lbs of his fat butt went up in the air in a kind of a slow motion backflip style...

    When Gravity eventually won the day, he hit the rocks with an emphatic THUD. By the way, the lantern he was carrying also hit the rocks and exploded, too...

    The scene was so damned funny that I started laughing and i couldn't stop, even when I strained a muscle in my rib cage and wound up in the ER right next to my fat buddy!

    He was not badly hurt, but was so pissed at me that he wouldn't speak to me for week! LOL

  8. fpherj48 profile image59
    fpherj48posted 10 years ago

    A couple of months ago.......I read a few hubs by Thoughtsandwiches.(Thomas)...but the one that nearly killed me was the one about "Orphan Hubs"......The man is the funniest writer I've ever read....and I need a break from him between hubs........Mark Ewbie is hilarious as well.  There is some incredible talent here at HP....

  9. Ercolano profile image78
    Ercolanoposted 10 years ago

    I own a business and I have Miniature Schnauzer that will bark when people come in, but just to say 'hello' really, and usually everyone is so smiley and tolerant of him for my sake I guess, or just 'cos it's what you do, dogs bark after all, but last week this one middle aged woman came in, usually very posh and polite, quiet, and I was through the back, so I shouted that I'd just be a minute, and I guess she took me literally, but in fact I was coming through right then, and as I opened the door to come into the front I caught her snapping viciously at my dog to 'shut up', a really nasty tone to her voice and a hateful look on her face.  The look when she saw me was priceless.  After a little while she tried to back track; asking sweetly is it just me, or is MacGregor a little bit off today?'  And so I told her, 'nope, he's exactly the same as he usually is, it's just you.' 

    You may have had to have been there, but I still laugh at the look on her 'real' face when I caught her screaming at my dog.


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