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Do you feel that this huge Kim Kardashian weight issue is newsworthy?

  1. livhappy profile image60
    livhappyposted 4 years ago

    Do you feel that this huge Kim Kardashian weight issue is newsworthy?

    It seems like a hot topic and has been trending on Twitter and other places but are you as interested as other people or do you not find it relevant?

  2. nmdonders profile image87
    nmdondersposted 4 years ago

    I didn't personally know it was trending but I know that anything that has to do with her or the family usually is.  This is the type of news that interests a lot of people and so it makes magazine covers and t.v. constantly.  People are obsessed with celebrities.

    People that contribute to society, medicine, peace etc. should be spotlighted and recognized for their contributions more so than the indulgent, "I'm super popular" types of celebrities.  However, if people didn't want to see it, it wouldn't be on t.v.

    There are so many more important issues in the world but maybe people aren't interested, or maybe they want to ignore it because news like this is happier.

  3. MissJamieD profile image74
    MissJamieDposted 4 years ago

    No, I think it's disgusting that the media picks on her. I mean, she brought on the media attention herself originally, but teasing her for her weight is ridiculous. She's pregnant for God sakes!!!!!

  4. dailytop10 profile image93
    dailytop10posted 4 years ago

    It's just normal for pregnant women to gain weight. No interesting news there if you ask me. haha

    1. profile image49
      Seaumasposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I think those photos were taken ling before she became great with child.  But then no pregnant woman gets that zaftig after two months.  Mothers, please tell her handlers it won't float.

  5. Efficient Admin profile image93
    Efficient Adminposted 4 years ago

    No. I wish her well and wish she would go away. We have seen enough of her. I don't think she is fat. I would love to look like her but enough is enough already. I'm not trying to sound nasty or anything but honestly I think she could have done so much better in the marriage department.

  6. lburmaster profile image82
    lburmasterposted 4 years ago

    No. She's pregnant, of course she's gaining weight. It just means they have nothing else to talk about or are just simple minded.

  7. profile image0
    Rayne123posted 4 years ago

    No I could not care less, although it shows she is normal like any expectant mother. As normal as can be I guess.

  8. profile image49
    Seaumasposted 4 years ago

    Only insofar as Dr. Oz wants to show us what happens when we let ourselves go and how remarkably dissipated someone can get at her age.  Hey, that's a new job for her- as a negative visual moral lesson.  And probably of some use to teach their daughters how not to treat their bodies and minds.  "Honey, do you see those?  They're called 'Tombstone Eyes'. (or Doll's Eyes).  "And if I ever see you try and dress like that I'll ground you until you are 35.  Your father says 'Forever'."  Sure.  Splatter this vomitus all over the place and put it on billboards at the entrances of K-12 schools.  Show this shocker on milk cartons.  Maybe Princess Lady Ferguson will do Public Service Announcements on Community radio stations and Public Access TV.  Maybe a few protests and pickets at the entrances to Burger King, McDonalds and KFC with posters of her.  Maybe at airline terminals there will a picture of an airline seat and the comment:  "She can't fit in this.  Can you?"  They could rename those hospital beds for huge people to the "KK Model". I want to be there with a Nikon when she tries to get out of her lounge chair and it comes up with her.  Hey, she could get a job as the new icon for Bob's Big Boy.  they can call it the 'Kimburger'.  Someone could use her picture and a new menu item, the "Fatback Sandwich".  weight Watchers could use her image and say, "Who wants to be like this?  Lose weight the Weight Watchers Way."  Maybe we can get Lady Ferguson and Kristy Brinkley to recruit her.  but then she'd actually have to show up for the shoots and not give the director any temper tantrums or make Elizabeth Taylor style demands.  And she better not act like Lindsay Lohan  (When she left her latest shoot the whole company and crew got up and applauded her exit.  the studio now has her in court for stealing from the wardrobe and property rooms at the studio.  charlie Sheen is not too happy, either.)  I echo the words of the song by Noel Coward:  "Please, Mrs.---.  Don't put your daughter on the stage."  Maybe they'll use this weight thing publicity as a footnote in the "Decline and Fall of the American Ideal."