Has an album ever changed your life?

  1. zacharybrown profile image60
    zacharybrownposted 3 years ago

    Has an album ever changed your life?

    Have you ever had an album change your life? What album was it and what effect did it have on your life?

  2. e-five profile image96
    e-fiveposted 3 years ago

    When I was 14 years old in early 1977, I bought Iggy Pop's "The Idiot" album.  It had the original version of "China Girl," and the song from which the title was derived, "Sister Midnight," was a dark Oedipal song.  The album featured many dark, forboding songs painting a bleak landscape:  Nightclubbing (coverd later by Grace Jones), Baby, Mass Production, etc.  It was the beginning of my embrace of more challenging music, and came just at the time Punk was coming along.

  3. raymondphilippe profile image84
    raymondphilippeposted 3 years ago

    John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, the debut solo album by John Lennon from 1970. I was 13 and i can remember several songs resonating with how i felt at that time.