Things you could do in a 36 hour day

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    soljenposted 9 years ago

    Imagine what you could do in a 36 hour day, who's idea was it to be a 24 hour day anyway.  All they did was limit the whole world to what they could accomplish.  Here's a list of things that I came up with, let me know if you have anymore.

    1.  Sleep and extra 12 hours
    2.  Catch up on your favorite t.v. show
    3.  Yardwork
    4.  Clean your dirty house
    5.  Have a second dinner
    6.  Go out to a crazy club open from 23 pm to 35 pm.  wow
    7.  Have a mean lunch at 18 noon
    8.  Sure the years would be longer but we would all be younger
    9.  Your car would depriciate slower
    10. Have more time for family and friends
    11. Get a second or third job
    12. Finally play 36 holes of golf
    13. Take really long vacations
    14. Drive across the country in one day
    15. Fly around the equator in one day
    16. Drink a 36 pack of soda in one day possibly setting a world record
    17. Go to sleep at 35 pm while the sun is up and wake up when the moon is out
    18. Start the day with a full moon.
    19. Get crazy rollover minutes on your cell phone
    20. Longer expiration date on your milk
    21. A 72 Hour weekend in two days
    22. Have the Best New Years eve party...every year
    23. Never be late for work
    24. McDonalds open 36 hours!
    25. Buy a 36 hour deoderant and see if it really works
    26. Same with the bra
    27. Check out of a hotel when your good and ready
    28. I think the postal service would like this idea more than we would
    29. Have an extra 12 hours to pay your bills
    30. Say "see you tomorrow" to a co-worker and really have something to say the next day
    31. At last have an excuse to buy one of those huge round watches with the diamonds in it
    32. Dinner, a movie, and a trip to disneyland
    33. Reeeaaaaaaaaaalllllly strong coffee
    34. Wash all those clothes in the hallway
    35. Wait for the rain to dry up so you can cut your grass
    36. Start a Blog and get into affiliate marketing