The things I just don't understand. Why is another man dead at the age of 31? R

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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    The things I just don't understand.  Why is another man dead at the age of 31? Rip Chinx.

    The story has been told a thousand times before but the reason for the loss I can't understand.  Why does this happen?  Why must hate manifest into loss of life? Who decides to take the place of God and take life?  While I am not familiar with this young man's music or history or his story.....being murdered in a hail of bullets at the age of  31 is heartbreaking.  This young man was building his career and his life is cut short, cut down by bullets of hate. Why can't people understand that killing others is like shooting yourself in the mirror?Dead at 31, driveby, Queens NY after stardum,sad.