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Engaged but in love with someone else

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    seyelegnaym515posted 6 years ago

    Engaged but in love with someone else

    what should I do? engaged but in lone with someone else.... Ive been dating this guy for a year and we have had problems here and there about him lieing.

    We recently got engaged it was all exciting until I met someone else. when im with the new guy I can explain how happy I am its a feeling I have never felt before and there is complete trust there also. But the thing is he is married with 2 kids but in the middle of a divorce. We work together and he is the manager so if we ever did get to date we would have to hide it. Anyways... me and my "fiance" just bought a house... I truely love the h

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    icountthetimesposted 6 years ago

    The situation sounds like a bit of a mess. It's complicated further by buying the house. Surely at one time you loved your fiance, maybe those feelings will return? It's difficult for me to say that you should go through for a marriage that you're not 100% certain about. It seems like a bad time to rush into anything.

    Also, while I don't know anything specific about the other situation, it's not unheard of for married men to have an affair, and keep it going by stating that they are 'in the middle of a dirvorce'. Children are involved in this, so again I think it's an unfortunate situation. It pays to think about how the choices you make impact the lives of others.

    Whatever decision you come to, good luck.

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    engelfantasydreamposted 6 years ago

    all i can say is "YOUR MAKING THINGS COMPLICATED"..as im reading at the early part of your question..i should tell u to call off the engagement and pursue with the other guy..untill i finish the last part, of which the new guy is married..i laugh to that lolss...your vulnerable at this stage...maybe you find that your " in love" with the new guy, do you don't really..your just enjoying his company..and your comfortable with this new guy since you are always with him cos he is your manager the boss..it is like a routine thing..give your self a break...if you don't love or can not trust your fiancee break off with him..and for your new married guy lover...break off with him too..i know its easier said and done..but if you don't like complications...get rid of him...your the one who says that ' YOU ALWAYS HIDE" everytime you go out...why even complain???..you know your rightful place,,your a "MISTRESS" sorry but that is what you are right now,,"NO GUY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SPECIALLY IF THEY LOVE THEIR FAMILY" TO BRAG OFF IN PUBLIC THEIR MISTRESSES"'..MISTRESSES ARE ALWAYS HIDDEN ANYWAYS.."BESIDES..DON'T EXPECT TOO THAT HE WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN""' lolsss....never mine if you truly love the guy..your married lover just want to have a taste of another dish..and after his done to you..goodbye...he got 2 kids, no guy won't leave his family for another girl...maybe other will just take sometime to be with the mistress but in the end they will go back to their family..."DON'T BE A HOME WRECKER"..your a woman too..and NO GOOD MAN..would ever cheat his wife and family..so don't you ever think he loves you..granted he loves you for argument sake..but for how long,since he even cheats his family for another girl...so what makes you think he will be loyal to you.."YOUR A GIRL TOO"..do what is right..my main concern here is for the children who will get affected of the selfishness of 2 people..i don't like any children to get through that..have time to think..CONTEMPLATE!!!..GOD BLESS YOU!!!..remember LIFE IS SIMPLE..DONT'T MAKE IT COMPLICATED!!!

    try to put your self in the place of a wife who gets cheated
    i am sure you would not like it too!!!
    that is why you get PISSED BY THE LYING OF YOUR FIANCEE RIGHT????

    then if your CHEATING NOW !!
    it is like saying to your fiancee
    i love that your cheating on me!!

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    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    If you’re not in love then don’t get married period!
    Marriage has enough challenges when two people are in love as it is.
    If you're "in love" or considering dating another man while you’re (engaged to another man) that’s a sign that you’re not ready to be married. By continuing with your farce of an engagement you’re the one that has “a problem with lying”. If you didn’t trust your fiancé then you should not have said "yes" when he proposed. Now you’re the one (cheating) by having a secret “emotional affair”. Even after the “new guy” is divorced are you ready to deal with a relationship that has kids in the mix? Although you believe you’re “in love” with him odds are you really don’t even “know” him at this point. He’s just a guy that showed some interest in you while you were unhappy with your fiancé. The newness will wear off. And should you date the new guy and things fall apart it's going to be hard to continue to work at the same company. At this point in time not many companies are doing a lot o hiring either.

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    juiwei2000posted 6 years ago

    Get out of this engagement while you still can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is obviously an long overdue break up and you obviously don't love your fiance anymore, otherwise you won't develop feeling for another guy, but I guess it take developing feeling for another man, for you to finally realize how you actaully feel, about your current partner.

    It is a mistake for you to stay with your current partner, it is an even bigger mistake for you to be engage with him, if you marrie him it would be a even bigger mistake, get out of this relationship now!!!  in addition to that, if you are lucky enough the other guy you like, might be available, but even if the guy you like is not available, still get out of your current relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Don't let the guy you actually like think you dump your current boy friend because of him, guys hate been responsible for ending another guy's relationship, it is call "The Bro code"

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    Lybrahposted 3 years ago

    Don't get married if you're not in love with the person you're engaged to.  It is not fair to that person.