Have you seen the movie Horror Hotel/City of the Dead? If so, what was your REA

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    Have you seen the movie Horror Hotel/City of the Dead?  If so, what was your REACTION?

    This IS still among my favorite horror movies.   Mrs. Newless/Elizabeth Selwym is a hoot.............& so is Jethrow Keane played by the late Valentine Dyall.........


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    Are we talking about The Hotel of the Dead 1921 German silent thriller film directed by Martin Hartwig and starring Albert Steinrück, Fritz Beckmann and Rosa Valetti?


    Horror Hotel (City of the Dead) Christopher Lee Nan Barlow A young coed (Nan Barlow) uses her winter vacation to research a paper on witchcraft in New England. Her professor recommends that she spend her time in a small village called Whitewood. He originally cam from that village so he also recommends she stay at the "Raven's Inn," run by a Mrs. Newlis. She gets to the village and notices some weird happenings, but things begin to happen in earnest when she finds herself "marked" for sacrifice by the undead coven of witches. It seems that the innkeeper is actually the undead spirit of Elizabeth Selwyn, and the "guests" at the inn are the other witches who have come to celebrate the sacrifice on Candalmas Eve. As one of them said when Nan walked away, "HE will be PLEASED.

    I plan to see the later tonight- alone - in the dark.  My fav horro flick with Christopher Lee  is Horror Express (1972)  with Telly  Savales  BEST PART of the whole movie is Telly as the Cossack starting @ 1:06:35

    @ https://youtu.be/R7fpWt59qDc

    Used to love Kojak and his lollipop!

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      Talking about Horror Hotel/City of the Dead w/Christopher Lee..........