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Are people attracted to tv shows because it is a form of catharsis?

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    Ihab benposted 14 months ago

    Are people attracted to tv shows because it is a form of catharsis?

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    Ihab benposted 14 months ago

    I believe we are interested in tv shows for two main reasons the first is the fact that we envy their lifestyles . Most of the time, the lifestyles of the characters intrigues me soo much that i want to become like them i'll start imagining myself talk like them , dress like them and communicate like them. The reason for that is the fact that since their lives are fake , they seem way to perfect and better than ours and that's why we want to follow their lifestyles which leads to the second reason . Men are attracted to what they can't have or achieve . This is similar to seeing a pair of shoes that you can't afford. However,in this case , it's a lifestyle that you cant follow because most of the time it is too idealistic or fake or sometimes ,it's just impossible because that lifestyle isnt compatible with today's society

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    bluesradioposted 14 months ago

    Often times, it is just a escape from our own realities but sometimes we also like to know that others, including fictional others, have it worse than us....
    And, comedies help us laugh at ourselves and at society in some form or fashion...

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 14 months ago


    The question is kind of broad. Does it mean attracted to TV shows in general. Or to TV shows that we will watch. For the latter, it has been very difficult for me to find many TV shows that I can even call entertainment.

    So, I have added Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and You Tube in order to find shows I can enjoy. The shows from the last ten years or even twenty have become more social reengineering than entertainment. Meaning they have a built in social agenda.

    So these streaming channels can take me back when TV shows contained more entertainment than agendas.

    I don't think that TV shows that have 9 minutes of commercials for a half hour show are entertaining. Commercials tend to be repetitious and annoying.
    Even good ones begin to annoy after repetitions. But repetition is a golden sales technique. In addition, the broadcast TV shows will put up annoying popups on the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of the screen while you are actually watching the show. Hardly a catharsis moment.

    My opinion, del if u wish.