What do u think about my idea of a sci-fi film?

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    peter565posted 7 months ago

    What do u think about my idea of a sci-fi film?

    Animal aging is due to cell decade, each cell can only divide a set number of time, as we use more of our cell division, our ability to divide cell slow down, causing aging, evolution is allowing human to divide cell more time every generation. As a result, 20000 years later, people take twice the time to biologically mature and age. A 30 years old biologist (biologically 15 years old modern human) working for defense department, find her daughter kidnap by terrorist, forcing her to help develop a weapon to decrease human cell division rate.

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    Violets3posted 7 months ago

    hmmmm....I like it. I don't know enough about human biology or evolution, but your premise might be founded on some evolutionary truth....technically, we are living longer than we used to...but I think that's mostly because of our ability to cope with food resources and medication/advanced tech...so you might want to do research on this.

    My problem with most stories is that it's too teensy..so as long as you have a unique character, and nobody does anything stupid.....it could work.

    It's rather interesting...if we think about our lives now.

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      peter565posted 7 months agoin reply to this

      Ha, it might seem teensy, consider here people in their twenties & thirties, are biologically teens, but psychologically adults, be interesting to see would this movie seem teen or adult. Although the actors would for certain be teens smile