Anyone join this movie social network?

  1. MyGenie profile image49
    MyGenieposted 9 years ago

    I was looking to rent good movies this weekend on Blockbuster online
    and came across this
    (not an affiliate link)

    I haven't joined yet but am thinking about it, I wondered if anyone here has joined and what your opinion was of it.


  2. profile image43
    flick_buffposted 9 years ago

    Not too sure how that one works.
    And well, i'm not really one for joining the mainstream.

    I got tired of all that usual "membership" and "payment" stuff that came along with all those other movie  download sites, so i built my OWN site.

    It's completely FREE, no member account, no costs. (but please make a small donation if your kind...the webmaster uses his own time and money to support this site).

    Check it out, there are over 100 links to movies that people from around the world have uploaded...and being a bit of a keener when it comes to the internet, i have scrounged up a bunch of links for people to use to download movies.

    visit ButterNutWack (dot) com and choose a flick to watch tonight.

    If you like the site, tell your friends please...the more exposure i get the better.