which mobile phone and why?

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    moneymarinaposted 7 years ago

    Earlier moneymarina.com presented the TOP 15 innovative mobile hand sets of the world packed with AMAZING magical technology designed by some of  the worlds most wonderful  CPU`s (minds) and manufacturers.
    Times change and so does technology as it tries to keep up with our desires, dreams and needs
    “And so it should”.
    The challenge is to fulfil dreams and desires, desires that thrill us and motivate to admire otherwise where is the fun, the excitement to compile dreams, desires and our needs.
    Mobile phone is a fashion statement for some and a must have tool to others, it attracts the young, it attracts the old, it is truly a magnificent devices to have/own, it takes pictures, it records videos, it plays music, it performs video calling, it sends e mails on the move, it guides us through traffic, it directs us when we are lost via another magical knowhow the GPS, it can tell us by sensing a presence of many mobile phones in  a Q  and predict that there is a traffic JAM and then even has the ability to speak in a female`s voice (who is always correct) to mend our ways for a speedier ride, it gives us the opportunity to moan and groan, “I am not taking orders from a WOMEN” the list is endless.
    List of which mobile phone is also endless and to this end we are now presenting WHICH mobile phone?

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