New Unofficial Hub Contest!

  1. Stan Fletcher profile image73
    Stan Fletcherposted 7 years ago

    Hey all, the contest is already started, but there's still plenty of time for you to enter.  For more information, go to my "Killer Ideas for Your Next Hub" post.  Grand Prize - a Dairy Queen Blizzard and a small order of fries!

    1. lorlie6 profile image83
      lorlie6posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Glad you decided to post this, Stan!  I'll keep my fingers crossed that folks will give it a look.
      You rock, dear sir! smile

  2. lorlie6 profile image83
    lorlie6posted 7 years ago

    I'm 'bumping' this thread so more folks can enter this contest.  Stan Fletcher, admittedly  is one hot, hot hubber, the ladies aren't ashamed at their willingness to please this man, Stan, needs contestants!  Think of it as players on some twisted game show.
    Write whatever stirs your pudding or floats your literary boat or whatever.  Stan may have 'topics' he prefers, but hey, it's a free country, isn't it??  We may decide as a group to trash all of his ideas-forming a small revoltion, a remarkably innovative offering for all hubbers.
    Have a ball!  There are a couple of Hubbers that are already having a blast in the contest, so get on with it and create humorous hubs as Stan sees fit-can you imagine the luxuriousness  DQ prize?  What an amazing offering from an admittedly broke hubber.  He can't even afford a stamp to send me the prize when I win.  I'll probably have to buy the things.  BOO-HOO is my reaction to such a cad.
    Poor dear Stan...let's at least humor the man, he is the most pitiful ManHubber I've ever encountered.  I believe he is finally reaching out-what courage he has-sometimes!

    So, please check out the above contest and do join in!  I'm actually thinking that this contest will blow away any competitors of yours and blow away writers with a true shot at it.  Let them fall, I say!
    Just remember Stan is an awfully odd guy, though his flirtatious nature seems to make us all at ease.
    Stan and my love affair is a hush-hush affair, so don't let it get out of control-you know what I mean? smile