Why next years films will be better than this year

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    Michael24posted 6 years ago

    Last year quite frankly was the worst years for films. Considering that i was a film critic in college i saw a lot of garbage. Alot of movies this year were pretty much crap. Such as Sex and the City 2, The Bounty Hunter, Resident Evil: Afterlife wasted the movie going experience. Plus films that were good made less money. The ones that bad made tons of dough. This year we wont have Sex and the City 2 thank god. I also see a lot less 3D films. Considering the only good 3D movies are with the animated films. This year i think we have to get past at least february to see the good films.  Personally the first film i recommend is the The Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey. Other good films will include Cowboy and Aliens. Also i recommend going to see Scream 4. Scream 4 will test in Wes Craven is truly the master of horror agin. The horror genre will be influx this year considering there wont be a Saw movie this year. Though there will be a Paranormal Activity 3. I am hoping that the magic will return to this franchise after a dreadful second outing. There is also the sequel of Pirhana which is being fastrack to get a September outing. In the Summer will be Transformers and Harry Potter. I hoping that Transformers 3 will be good as the first one. The last Harry Potter film will be 2 and half hours long. People often commented on the the Lord of the Rings fellows were together for three years. Well here is a cast that was together for a decade. Commbine that with the last one that is five hours long. At the end of the year The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will come out. This will divide those who actually loved the Swedish versions and those who have never seen them period. I recommend you read my reviews in order for you to understand what is good.

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    Midnight Oilposted 6 years ago

    I will only go and see Transformers 3 if Megan Fox is in it big_smile  Even better if she is in 3D !