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The Gorgeous Kate Beckinsale

Updated on March 13, 2014

The Beautiful and Talented Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is a very smart, talented and beautiful British actress who has been highly successful in her film roles, and probably surprises a lot of people when they find out the films she has appeared in have taken in right around $800 million.

Is say some people may be surprised because she so effectively has played the role of Selene in the Underworld franchise, that she is sometimes considered more of an actress connected to horror and vampire-type films, which her role in Van Helsing opposite Hugh Jackman helped to solidify.

But in reality, Kate Beckinsale's commercial film success if far outside those successful films, which include Pearl Harbor, The Aviator and Click, among others.

Thinking it would give her a more rounded background for her acting roles, Beckinsale studied Russian and French literature at New College, Oxford.  

Kate Beckinsale Underrated

While Beckinsale gets a lot of entertainment coverage, I think she's one of the more underrated actresses in the business, and possibly that may be because of her successful roles in Underworld, which sometimes cements an actor or actress into a certain fan base, which while extremely loyal, can be small but noisy.

Either way, Kate Beckinsale quietly goes about her business and plays great roles over and over again as her record confirms. It's just a wonder that she isn't acknowledged more for it. 

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Photo

Kate Beckinsale can wear glamor

The photo below is a good look at Kate Beckinsale with a glamor look. While this may seem an obvious observation, in reality there aren't a lot of photos with Kate wearing this look, but as you can she, she does it as good as anybody.

Kate Beckinsale looking glamorous

Another Kate Beckinsale glamor photo

Of course I'm going to contradict myself and offer up another glamor photo of Kate Beckinsale, but in this case it's a very different look, and is even better than the one above.

If she looked any more beautiful than this it should be illegal.

Kate Beckinsale in flower top

Here's a much different look for Kate, and she somehow is able to make a simple flower pattern top look like it's scorching. It's the magic of Kate and the way she carries herself that allows her to pull this off.

Kate Beckinsale: From glamour to flower power

Kate Beckinsale in cute, frilly top

I love how Kate looks in this frilly and very feminine top. She always seems to have the right hair, makeup and look for each outfit she wears. Whoever works on her must be a genius, but of course they have almost the most perfect human canvas around to work on.

Kate Beckinsale looking cute in frilly top

Kate Beckinsale at Grammy Awards

While this type of dress - no matter who wears it - is one of my personal least favorites, Kate still makes it look good, although even she can't quite take this where she can take almost all other outfits, but she still makes it look nice.

Kate Beckinsale dressed to kill at Grammy's

Kate Beckinsale in bubble dress

Just so you don't think I'm only picking and choosing the best photos and outfits of Kate Beckinsale in the hub, here she is in a bubble dress, which has been popular lately, although not too flattering.

Even so, Kate again somehow makes this work, although it's not one of my favorite fashion statements a person can make.

It's almost like you see her and not so much the dress, which is usually the other way around for most women.

Kate Beckinsale in bubble dress

Kate Beckinsale in green outfit

This hat is just cool to me, and it complements her green outfit very nicely. But even with the cute fashion, I love that hat and it looks really nice on her.

Kate Beckinsale making another look work

This photo below is completely different for Beckinsale, and the wholesome and simple feel to it still packs a lot of punch, and again, her hair, face and posture all add to the gorgeous photo.

The bottoms look like harem pants but I can't quite tell if that's what they are. I wish she had stood up for this one, as it would have been even better in my estimation.

Kate Beckinsale in harem pants?

Kate Beckinsale in uniform photo

This photo again show the chamelion-like Beckinsale in a uniform type of outfit, and that hair is made for hit, and very different in comparison to her other photos and fashion.

Kate Beckinsale in retro uniform look

Kate Beckinsale in another retro uniform outfit

Here Beckinsale again making something out of nothing, and how about that burnt tie which seems to represent the Pearl Harbor tragedy.

Kate Beckingsale in another great uniform photo

Kate Bekinsale photo shoot

In this final photo of Kate Beckinsale, I wanted to show again how she can take something rather frumpy and modest and make it somehow look fantastic on her.

This is a terrific photo of her, and I hope you enjoyed this photo journey of the British beauty, and maybe appreciate her a little more than before.

Amazing Kate Beckinsale photo


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