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Sedentary children, future sick adults. How to avoid

Updated on April 29, 2013

Sedentary lifestyle is learned in childhood. Children get to spend too many hours in front of the TV or computer, without significant sports activities. Many parents believe that electronics are irresistible for children, and have no chance to compete with the technology. These parents underestimate themselves.

A study conducted by a team from Oregon University shows that, in fact, the parents hold the secret.

The researchers from Oregon compared four parenting styles

  • The authoritative parents provide great affection and still maintain control. It is a demanding style care. They ask, but they also provide explanations. They offer affection, attention and autonomy.
  • The authoritarian parent loves to control, without providing affection. In this relationship, the parent is the only one with demands and he expects obedience, without any questions or comments.

Children's health, compromised by a lack of physical activity
Children's health, compromised by a lack of physical activity | Source
  • The permissive parents have a lot of affection for their children, but they lack control. Are warm, tolerant and accept almost any request, but do not impose limits, or have high expectations. These parents just give, without asking anything in return.
  • The careless or neglectful parents have no control or affection. Because of everyday problems, they do not pay attention.

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The study conducted at the University of Oregon shows that, regardless of the parenting style, all children ages two to four were sitting in front the TV four to five hours a day. The study showed also that the futures active or sedentary lifestyle of the adult is created in the first years.

Once in school, children's physical activity tends to decline and will continue in this direction throughout life.

To prevent a sedentary lifestyle for children, who will clearly affect the health of the future adult, experts recommend that parents support and encourage physical games.


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