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Childhood Obesity, Causes And Prevention

Updated on October 22, 2011

Childhood obesity is rising day by day and has attained to the high-level. Chubbiness in children is a frightening problem and a tragedy which must be forbidden by taking preventive steps. The main reason of obesity in children is of too much consumption and not performing every day exercises.

In that case additional calories do not get burned, turn in to fat and cause fatness in children. Over heaviness in children may cause many troubles or diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, liver disease, heart problems and frequently they can easily endure from low admiration and get miserable very often.

Increased rate of childhood obesity reflects the modern lifestyle and damaging the routine as well of children. Childhood obesity problems can effortlessly be controlled by parents; they are requisite to take full responsibility of their children that they should not consume more than their diet. 

Ask them to do regular exercise and stimulate them for it by telling future tribulations. A lot of children like to out and take part in sports.

For plump children, they do not have the force to take them through an exact playtime. If they can’t take part in like the other children, they should not be as good as the other children. There are many factors which are assumed to be the most culprits of child hood obesity. The following are the most leading factors of obesity in children.

Childhood Obesity Causes

Junk Food

Junk food or fast foods have now become obesity for the children.

90 percent of children are addicted to it; recent research shows that children who take fast food or junk food on regular basis consume 150 to 300 calories above to their daily limit.

No wonder such an alarming rate, and obesity in children should be controlled by their parents.

Lack of Exercise

When we come towards the word ‘modern lifestyle’ TV and computers are the ideal meaning of it.

The main reason of children obesity is their idleness and TV or computers are playing a very fundamental role in their idleness which prevents them to exercise daily and after school they waste nearly all of their time on these two things.

Children should burn their calories by every day exercise or appropriate schedule should be made by their parents in order to keep them away from corpulence.

Unbalanced Routine

Another major cause is disturbed routine. By taking detrimental diet or junk food it produces calories up to the boundary and changes calories in to fat, which is the chief source of heaviness.

No suitable custom of intake and output, late night fast foods and in excess of chocolates. Children spend less time playing outside, and spend most of their time in watching TV or playing games.

Family Problem

The chief reason of fatness in children is due to the obesity in parents. This is the main influential hereditary problem, one half of parents of school children never work out energetically.

Lack of Sleep

It has been shown from the current explore when a person is underprivileged of sleep, that person is at jeopardy of becoming obese or fat.

The cause behind obesity is a pair of hormones leptin and ghrelin. When there is a deficiency in sleep, ghrelin start functioning for the hunger mechanism.

Sleep deficiency also reduces the leptin in our bodies which tells that our body is no longer in requiring of food or energy. When these two hormones are off balance people starts overeating and they can’t prevent them selves from eating.

Prevention From Obesity

Supportive Environment

Parents need to make helpful environment so that their children can keep themselves away from junk food or overeating. If parents going to create deprived decisions then their children will go after the same things, they will also make deprived decisions.

So, you have to form compassionate environment by asking them to perform every day exercises, do not spend time more than 2 hours on TV or computer. If you keep yourself away from junk or fast food your children will pretty certain not going to take inappropriate diet.

Video games combined with junk food are really bad for your child.
Video games combined with junk food are really bad for your child.

Reduce Their Time on TV or Computer

Many of children spend most of their time on computer or TV after school and parents let them to do so, lack of exercise or inappropriate routine is the chief reason of obesity in children.

As a parent you need to limit the extent of time which you permit them doing these activities that keep them away from burning off the calories they obtain from the foodstuff they consume.

Keep Them Away From Unhealthy Food

This is the trickiest job for the parents to keep their children away from the junk or fast foods. The school canteen offers their children a detrimental diet which off course a foremost way towards obesity.

If school canteen is providing your children an injurious or junk food then you have to give a lunch box to your child, that food will not only a vigorous diet but it also helps you to keep your children away from plumpness. Give alternative fresh diet like fruits and vegetables instead of chips, cookies, burgers etc.

Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is really very essential for your child in order to burn some calories and be vigilant that calorie limit of your child must not surpass. If you begin exercising on routinely basis then your child will certainly adopt this habit, stimulate them for daily exercise by telling them future tribulations and diseases.

Childhood obesity is a very genuine problem in our civilization. But we can get charge and assist the childhood of today learn to survive a healthier life. It is up to us to assist, hearten fitness and strength in today's childhood.


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    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I am in my 50's and when we were children we always ran around all day. Today many kids hide behind the TV and videos games. Voted up!

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for reading.

    • Dstiteler profile image

      Blake Stiteler 7 years ago from cypress, Tx

      amazing hub. it makes me sad when i see a 100 pound 6 year old girl. Bless their hearts! check out my hubs please?

    • shelby22 profile image

      shelby22 7 years ago from Houston

      Couldn't agree more. The anti to that would be though that we as a society have gotten so busy that it's just easier to feed them that nice fried chicken sandwich and fries as it's fast. No time to prepare anymore or is there? It's all about the priorities. Oh and that they need to cut back that video game craze as well.